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The Opportunities & Challenges In Growing Global

Discover how to address the data quality needs of growing global�small businesses or large. Read about opportunities, challenges, and solutions for a global economy.

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Nearly 95% of consumers live outside the U.S. and two-thirds of the world�s purchasing power is in foreign countries. U.S. businesses realize that the necessity for international expansion is paramount�and lucrative. Global B2C ecommerce is projected to hit $2.3 trillion by 2018. The world is indeed getting smaller. Growth opportunities for exporting come with challenges. Before you decide to go global, download our free magazine to learn more about the smart business data needs you should address, so you can do what you do best�engage with your customers and sell them your best products�around the corner, around the world.

Highlights include:

  • Catalog: Full Spectrum Data Quality Solutions + tons of free trials
  • Use case stories on how Melissa Data products help businesses
  • Company infographic��why� choose Melissa Data
  • TechWatch: Hot new products
  • And more!