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Melissa Global Business API accesses a multisource dataset of over 25 million U.S. businesses and 40 million contacts providing comprehensive firmographic data on companies and organizations. This service helps you resolve business entities for standardization and record consolidation, plus it provides a wealth of fundamental characteristics about a business that can be utilized for decision making, lead scoring and optimized B2B marketing and sales efforts.

  • Add valuable business characteristics including SIC / NAICS, sales volume, number of employees, and more for improved analytics and segmentation
  • Standardize business names and acronyms (TWC – Time Warner Cable) to prevent duplicate accounts
  • Update outdated contact information to improve customer retention and prevent lost opportunities
  • Search for a particular business using company name, address, phone and other inputs

How Firmographic Append Works

Standardize & Verify:
  • Company:Melissa
  • Address1: 22382 Avenida Empresa
  • City:Rancho Santa Margarita,
  • State:CA 92688
  • Postal:92688
  • SIC Code: 737201
  • NAICS Code: 51121001
  • Phone: 8008006245
  • Web Address: www.melissa.com
  • Employee Count: 105
  • Delivery Indicator: Business
  • Latitude: 33.637567
  • Longitude: -117.606856
  • Results: AS01, FS01, FE03, FS04
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Melissa can resolve multiple similar business names to one golden standard.

Business Standardization

The way company names are entered into a system can vary widely, making it a prime pain point for deduplication efforts. For instance, a CRM may have the following company names: “Toyota Motors USA Corporation,” “Toyota Motors USA,” “Toyota Motor Corp.,” and “TMC.” Global Business can normalize all of these business names to one entity: “Toyota Motors Corporation”. Resolving multiple similar business names to one golden standard provides data standardization that is key for successful deduplication and record matching efforts, and it helps reduce the creation of duplicative accounts as data is entered by sales and marketing teams.

Global Business will also resolve misspelled or incomplete business names – simply pass in the address, phone or stock ticker and Global Business will return a standardized business name, contact information, and firmographic details.

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Firmographic Append

In addition to standardizing business names, Global Business can also return a wealth of business demographics, known as firmographics. By leveraging firmographics, you can gain knowledge of a business’ profile – company size, location, industry, and value. This helps optimize marketing segmentation for more effective lead generation campaigns, and assists in lead scoring so that sales teams can prioritize efforts and personalize their approach, and enriches datasets for more accurate decision making and analytics.

Global Business also returns updated information on a business including address, phone, web address and other contact details. This helps prevent lost opportunities due to outdated or incorrect contact information that your sales and marketing teams rely on for customer retention and outreach efforts.

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Melissa Global Business returns firmographic data like company size, location, industry, and value for effective lead generation campaigns.
Provide an address, stock ticke, website, phone number or Melissa Address Key (MAK) and Global Business will return a wealth of firmographic data.

U.S. Data Elements

Accessing a wealth of firmographic data for 25 million U.S. businesses is easy. All you need to do is provide an address, stock ticker, website, phone number, or Melissa Address Key (MAK), and Global Business will return the following:

Expand All Fields


  • Company Name
  • Contact
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Suite
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code Plus4
  • Delivery Type Indicator
  • Melissa Address Key
  • Melissa Address Key Base
  • Melissa Enterprise Key
  • EIN Number
  • Location Type (headquarters, branches, single location, subsidiary headquarters)
  • Employee Numbers estimate
  • Sales Volume estimate
  • StockTicker abbreviation
  • Web Address
  • Up to 3 SIC/NAICS codes and descriptions
  • Latitude (geo coordinate)
  • Longitude (geo coordinate)
  • County Name
  • FIPS of County (Federal Information Processing Standard)
  • Census Tract of the address
  • Census Block of the address
  • Place Code (Census Bureau)
  • Place Name (Census Bureau)

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Business Search U.S.

Business Search is a Web API addon for Business Coder that finds and identifies U.S. businesses. Search for a particular business using any of the following input fields:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • Stock Ticker
  • Company Web Address
  • Melissa Address Key (MAK)
  • Melissa Enterprise Key (MEK)

None of the fields above are mandatory when sending a request. Depending on the options and configuration of a particular request, which can be fine-tuned to fit your specific need, the service will return all of the related business data. Send in any number of inputs and Business Search will do its job and find all of the relevant records.

In addition, Business Search provides previous addresses for a particular business as well as associated phone numbers. All of the returned business information has been verified by Melissa, so you can count on the quality of the data returned for your search parameters.

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Business Search is a Web API addon for Business Coder for fnding and identifying U.S. businesses.

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