Marketing Roundup

Here is your monthly Marketing Roundup - a great resource containing the best news, articles and ideas on lead generation, converting prospects to customers, and ways to stay in touch with customers. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did! 

By Jeffrey Dobkin

I made all these mistakes, so… you don’t have to! Learn from my mistakes – and increase your own chances of success by following these few simple guidelines of exactly what not to do!

By Megan McKenna

Data-driven marketing investments are exploding. Globally, the industry spent nearly $20 billion on data in 2018. Unfortunately, as investments have increased, so have the number of challenges. Megan McKenna shares trends that are likely to play out this year.

By Jeffrey Dobkin

The mailing list you select is responsible for almost ½ of the success of your mailing. Unfortunately, navigating the mailing list jungle is tricky – it’s filled with bad data and sketchy information. Read this article on finding and buying the right mailing lists.

By David Kirby

Gathering customer feedback and incorporating the data you collect as part of your marketing process will empower you and your team to drive effective strategies and resonate with audiences beyond your normal reach. One of the most challenging aspects of marketing is…

By Jeff Jones

You may feel 2018 was well under control as far as SEO is concerned. But how prepared are you for 2019? SEO trends evolve year after year to such a degree that your previously effective SEO practices may or may not bear significant results in the coming year.