Better Data Quality = Better Business Insights, Reduced Costs and Happier Customers

Data is the lifeblood of organizations, yet an alarming 94% of businesses believe they have inaccurate data. For over 38 years, Melissa has helped companies all over the world improve data quality to reduce costs and waste, grow revenue, and gain greater insights into their customers.

Our flexible and customizable end-to-end data quality solutions:

  • Profile and monitor data to uncover places where bad data is entering your system and maintain data quality standards over time.
  • Cleanse and standardize any data with machine learning and advanced rules customized to best serve your business.
  • Verify and enrich global addresses, names, phone, emails, and IP addresses, plus append demographic and other information missing from your database.
  • Match and consolidate duplicate records with intelligent parsing capabilities and deep domain knowledge to obtain one golden record for each customer for a complete 360-degree view.

Melissa Capabilities

Data Quality - Address Verification

Address Verification

Verify, correct and standardize U.S., Canadian and international addresses.

Data Quality - Address Autocomplete

Address Autocomplete

Autocomplete addresses as they are entered to improve data entry speed and accuracy.

Data Quality - Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Verify a customer’s identity for faster onboarding and fraud prevention.

Data Quality - Email Verification

Email Verification

Verify an email address in real-time or batch to improve deliverability.

Data Quality - Phone Verification

Phone Verification

Verify mobile and landline phones in the U.S. and internationally to improve tele and SMS marketing.

Data Quality - Name Verification

Name Verification

Parse and genderize names and identify vulgar or fictitious names at point of entry.

Data Quality - Merge, Purge & Data Deduplication

Merge, Purge & Deduplication

Identify and eliminate duplicate records that cost money and prevent a single customer view.

Data Quality - Geocoding


Convert U.S. and international addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates for better mapping and analytics.

Data Quality - Change of Address/NCOALink Processing

Change of Address/NCOALink

Get the current addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers to cut waste associated with undeliverable mail.

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