Stop bad data in its tracks with Listware Online or for Excel, Microsoft 365, or Google Sheets. It’s the all-in-one SaaS data quality tool that cleans, verifies, dedupes and enriches all of your contact data wherever and whenever you need it. With affordable pay-as-you-go pricing (including up to 1000 free credits every month), you can easily maximize deliverability, optimize sales and marketing efforts, and boost ROI all with Listware.

  • Standardize, Verify & Update names, addresses, emails and phone numbers
  • Match & Merge Duplicates with high-accuracy fuzzy matching and Golden Record survivorship
  • Real-Time Verification move updates addresses, ensures emails are active, and phone numbers are live and callable
  • Enrich Records with business firmographics, consumer demographics, property and mortgage data, and more
  • Add Missing data elements like email and phone information

Clean Your Lists Your Way

Wherever you are, Listware has got your back. Whether on the go or operating from Excel, Microsoft 365, or Google Sheets.

Easily upload your file from anywhere – no software needed.

Open a spreadsheet, hit the Listware button and start cleaning – it’s that easy!

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Use Listware in Microsoft 365 to keep your files clean.