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Lookups Look-up ZIP Codes, carrier routes, find people, property data & more Go to Lookups See Pricing
Listware Verify & update address, email, name & phone data in Excel or Online About Listware See Pricing
Developer APIs Integrate address verification, geocoding, IP location, phone & email verification into your application See Available APIs See Pricing
Business Plans Business-class data quality: on-prem & Cloud APIs with an account manager, scalable & simplified pricing and technical support Find the Right Plan Request Pricing
Data Services Bureau Give us your file for data processing including US, Canada & international NCOA, list hygiene, email & phone append See Menu of Services
Clean Suite for CRM A suite of customer data cleansing & enhancement tools built for Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics CRM About Clean Suite for CRM See Pricing
Mailers Online Prepare USPS-compliant mailings easily from your browser Launch Mailers Online See Pricing
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Credit Expiration Notice:
The Credit Balance will be reset to 0 if there is no activity (consumes/purchases) within one year.

Melissa reserves the right to change either the required number of credits for a particular service or individual credit cost at its discretion and without notice. Melissa shall prioritize maintaining consistency and fairness with respect to such changes, however, market conditions or other external factors may require Melissa to make adjustments as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credits offer clients the flexibility to get up and running with our services at any time. However once a solution is ready to move to production, MOST clients Prefer licensing with our more traditional One Year Subscriptions/Business plans because of the fixed costs and included support.

Each product is subject to individual terms. Lookups, Listware, Mailers Online, Clean Suite for CRM, and Developer APIs (accessed through the Developer Portal) utilize Credits.

Business solutions are available on an annual subscription based on the number of records processed. All prices listed are USD.

Got more than 100,000 record? Contact us for consultation and custom pricing.

Yes! All of our products can be proof-of-concept tested. And, we offer a 120-Day ROI Guarantee on many products as well.

Yes! All product purchases include unlimited email support. Premium 24/7 support available at additional cost. SLAs are available for business plans.

Yes! We offer 99.9% uptime and SLAs guaranteeing 99.95% for bussines plans. Credit based usage does not come with uptime guarantees.

Yes! We offer invoicing on all products except products using Credits. Please contact us for details.

Contact Us, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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It's on us — Melissa issues 1,000 free credits to its users every month! Sign up today and enjoy 1,000 credits. Enjoy your favorite Melissa services, such as Mailers Online, Melissa Lookups, and so much more!