Melissa has spent over three decades harnessing a global and growing knowledgebase of millions of records to power address and identity verification you can trust. It is now with excitement and gratitude that we introduce to you our very own World Encyclopedia of Address Formats book.

We’ve compiled over 240 address formats across the globe to help you mail with accuracy, confidence and local know-how. This is an integral piece for any mailer who has ever asked themselves:

  • I’m mailing to another country; how do I format this address?
  • I’m adding a foreign address to my records, but is it complete?
  • Does this postal code look right?
  • What is an ISO 3166 country code and how do I use it?
  • Should I include both the P.O. Box and the street address?

In a single, easy-to-flip-through book, you will find:

  • Over 240 global address formats
  • Preferred language information
  • Full ISO 3166 country codes chart
  • Time zone & country dependency information
  • Postal authority information for every country/territory
  • & so much more
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