Charities and non-profit organisations (NPOs) have a responsibility to the greater good because they obtain funding via donors to achieve their aims. With the growing problem of fraudulent activity constantly disrupting this sector, there’s an ongoing need to maintain clean and accurate donor data.

This eBook outlines a number of potential threats NPOs are exposed to on a regular basis, and how they can implement flexible tools to safely avoid them. Additionally, it provides valuable insight into the benefits of holding clean, accurate and enriched customer data. This way NPOs can cultivate better relationships with, drive more revenue from, and find more of their best donors.

This eBook will help charities and NPOs:

  • Improve communication efforts
  • Lower costs
  • Gain a clearer view on strategic objectives
  • Reduce fraudulent activity
  • Stay compliant
  • Drive revenue
  • Develop a deeper understanding of donors
  • Build better targeted budgets