ZIP*Data will save you time and improve data entry accuracy by instantly verifying a 5-digit ZIP Code at the point of entry and automatically add the city and state information. ZIP*Data also appends latitude-longitude coordinates, and official U.S. Census Bureau data as well as American Community Survey (ACS) data – updated annually. Armed with this geographic and demographic data, you have the tools to increase sales, pinpoint markets, and grow your business.

  • Use to create custom lookup routines, for example closest dealer locator
  • Append 46 census data variables
  • Target ZIPs in a radius from a central point
  • Pinpoint customer locations with latitude-longitude data

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ZIP*Data II - 1 Year Subscription $450.00   
ZIP*Data II is the new format and here is the Database Layout.

ZIP*Data Classic is no longer available as a standalone product. Legacy .dbf & .dat files can be found in the legacy folder of Zip Data II. Please see Product Advisory for additional information.

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