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On-Premise APIs

Reference materials on how to use local APIs (static library) and a dynamic library (DLL on Windows, shared library on Unix)

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Cloud APIs

Reference materials on how to get data in and out of our REST APIs.

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Browse and search through Melissa's detailed product information.

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Melissa Address Key (MAK)

Information on Melissa's persistent, unique 10-digit key assigned to each U.S., Canadian and international address to improve address standardization, updating, matching and enrichment processes.

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Our Data

Address Coding Support

Having trouble coding an address, or receiving unexpected results?

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Data Coverage by Country

Matrix showing address, phone, geocoding & identity coverage for Melissa global products.

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Result Codes

Descriptions of the results returned by our products so you know exactly what was done to your data.

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Server Status

Dashboard showing real-time status, response times and outage history.

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Server Locations

Map of current server locations, redundancy, and dynamic response available via AWS.

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Information on how Melissa cares for your data and maintains compliance with GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA and other regulations.

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Other Resources

Product News and Updates

Get the latest on new features and product advisories.

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Address Experts

Read articles on how to achieve the best results using Melissa's best-of-breed address verification and related services.

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Developer Portal

Access real-time Web APIs for testing and rapid application development.

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Global Offices

Contact Melissa locations for sales, technical support & general information.

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Access our help desk to create a support ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a subscription work?

A monthly subscription of 5,000 lookups is good for either 5,000 lookups or for one month, whichever comes first. A subscription runs for either the number of lookups or for the period of time specified.

How about a one-time subscription?

Easy! After your purchase, select "Off" from the Auto-Renew Plan's dropdown list on the subscription page.

What happens when a subscription runs out?

It renews at the same level as your current plan unless you have specified another plan or have turned the renewal off. Need to change plans? Change it on the subscription page.