NCOALink® National Change of Address (NCOA) Service

Get Current Customer Addresses to Reduce Undeliverable Mail and Waste

NCOALink Service is Available as an Automated FTP Service

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NCOALink National Change of Address (NCOA) Service

More than 43 million Americans move each year. Because so many of your customers are moving, outdated addresses in your mailing list could be a major cause of undeliverable-as-addressed mail and waste, driving up your costs. Send us your mail file and our Service Bureau will update the addresses of customers that have moved – before you mail. We’ll match your list against the full USPS NCOALink dataset of approximately 160 million moves on file over the last 48 months. We also offer 24-month processing. As a NCOALink Full Service Provider, Melissa guarantees the lowest price for your service.

  • Stay in touch with moving customers to reduce undeliverable mail costs
  • Meet the USPS Move Update requirement for First Class and Standard Mail discounts
  • 48-Month and 24-month NCOALink Move Update processing available
  • Batch processing or Automated FTP for high volume users

NCOALink Processing Meets the USPS Move Update Requirement

Not only will NCOALink processing save you money on costs associated with undeliverable mail, it also meets the USPS Move Update requirement for a 95-day period from the date of processing to qualify for First Class and Standard Mail discounts.

Processing Acknowledgement Form

The USPS requires a completed Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) for each of Melissa's customers prior to providing NCOALink service. Click here to download the PAF and NCOALink usage guidelines and required text.

USPS NCOALink Pricing

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NCOALink National Change of Address (NCOA) Service


NCOALink National Change of Address

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All pricing is subject to change without notice and is in U.S. dollars. Please contact our nearest sales office for pricing.

Required & Returned Fields

Required Fields
Full Name and/or Company Name, Address, City, State, 5-digit ZIP Code.

Returned Fields
Return Code, Move Date, Address Error, DPBC, CRRT and Result Code.

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