mCOA & pCOA Change of Address

Go Beyond NCOALink with mCOA and pCOA to Find More Customer Moves

mCOA & pCOA Change of Address

Almost 20% of Americans change residence every year, making consumer moves the biggest cause of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail and associated costs. And, 40% of all moves are not reported to the USPS with a change of address notice and therefore not tracked with NCOALink processing. We can help you identify movers from that 40% with two list hygiene services: multisource change of address (mCOA) and proprietary change of address (pCOA). First, we recommend processing your file against the USPS NCOALink file, and then we can use one of these additional hygiene services to update the addresses of even more moving customers.

Multisource Change of Address (mCOA)

The mCOA database contains 60 months (5 years) of address changes to help identify customers that have moved but may not have filed a change of address with the USPS. The file consists of 121 million records from sources including magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance companies, credit bureaus, mail order firms and more.

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Proprietary Change of Address (pCOA)

The pCOA database goes back 360 months (30 years) to identify U.S. movers in your customer list. The file consists of data collected from multiple private sources including banks, credit card companies, magazine publishers and more.

pCOA Pricing

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mCOA & pCOA Change of Address Service



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