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Melissa provides identity verification and contact data quality for over 10,000 customers worldwide, helping profile, cleanse, update, match and enrich People Data to prevent fraud, decrease costs, drive revenue and improve customer communications.

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Identity Verification

Verify an identity and age in real-time to eliminate fraud and meet regulatory compliance.

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Address Verification

Get accurate, deliverable address with global and USPS® / Canada Post certified address verification.

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Phone Append & Verification

Authenticate phone number, ownership, and type, plus find new numbers for your database.

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Email Append & Verification

Verify email deliverability before sending and add emails to your consumer & business lists.

Icon - Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence

Convert physical and IP addresses to lat/long coordinates, identify risk and add property data.

Icon - Demographics & Firmographics

Demographics & Firmographics

Add detailed consumer and business contact data and characteristics.

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