DSF Processing

Validate Addresses to the Delivery Point for Ultimate Mailing Efficiency and Postal Discounts

DSF Processing

It is estimated that a single piece of returned mail costs an average of $3 in wasted postage, printing and productivity – eating into company profits. Verify your addresses are correct and complete with our DSF processing service. With more than 165 million records, the DSF database contains every USPS deliverable address in the U.S., including residential, business, seasonal and vacant address information.

DSF processing provides walk sequence codes that allow you to submit your mail pieces in the exact order the mail carrier travels – qualifying your mailings for USPS Enhanced Carrier Route (ECR), Basic, High Density or Saturation postal discounts.

  • Qualify for maximum postal discounts by validating to the delivery point and walk sequence
  • Identify delivery types such as curb, door slot, box, etc. to obtain the best parcel shipping rates
  • Determine if an address is a residence or business, and whether it is seasonal or vacant more than 90 days

How DSF2 Processing Works

Our DSF2 service is accurate and fast, identifying address and delivery types and qualifying your mailings for postal discounts. Send your file to us via secure online link. Upload file here.

How Melissa Direct DSF2 Processing Service Works

DSF2 Pricing

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DSF Processing


DSF2 Processing

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