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Global Address Database (GAD)

Melissa’s Global Address Database (GAD) consolidates location information and provides accurate address details on all residences, businesses, apartments, suites and PO Boxes - with geo-coordinates, demographics and any linked data.

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The Key to Accuracy

Each address in GAD is assigned a unique 10-digit key and is automatically updated monthly with the most accurate USPS (and non-USPS) postal data. So even if the street name, house number, or postal code in an address change, GAD ensures that record remains up to date, retrieving changes to:

  • ZIP Codes & Plus 4s
  • Street Names
  • City Names
  • Latitude/Longitude Coordinates (Geocodes)


Data with a Purpose

Our unique address key technology ties together comprehensive geographic, demographic, firmographic, and/or property information associated with an address. GAD offers a multitude of data enrichments for complete intelligence on all of the valid addresses within a given area, including:

  • Latitude & longitude coordinates
  • FIPS, tract and block, & other demographics
  • Property & mortgage data (lot size, building square footage, parcel shape, etc.)
  • Hazard data for wind, water, earth & wildfire risks

Adding valuable elements to your data empowers you with greater insight for better business intelligence.

Complete Coverage

GAD offers complete address coverage with support for the U.S., Canada, and many other countries all over the world. Visit for the most up-to-date country support and address counts.

GAD - Real World Applications

The GIS team at the City of Burbank turned to Melissa so they could better serve residents, businesses, and improve communication with the public by maintaining accurate, up-to-date data.

“Melissa’s address formatting was in line with our existing data and GIS location accuracy matched 99.9% of the time, far better than competitive solutions.”


Check out the full case study here.

Health Data Compass worked with Melissa to tap into Census, elevation and altitude datasets to deepen healthcare research insights.

“Melissa’s data quality and enrichment tools pair robust consumer data with a spectrum of third-party datasets, empowering researchers with identity cross-matching that closes gaps in data profiles and delivers a full, single view of the customer.”

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