DQ Roundup

Here is your monthly DQ Roundup - a great resource containing information and ideas about data quality strategies for developers, DBAs and data professionals. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did! 

By Melissa Team

Are you really who you say you are? Well, you may think so, but lots of other important people may not so sure. For many companies, taking a person’s identity at face value and without double or triple checking could be disastrous, which is why it’s so necessary for companies to use multiple sources of identity verification.

By FinTech Features

Our appetite to store more data is becoming insatiable. However, if you look around your organisation at all the extra money we have spent on big data – in terms of more storage and better reporting – most organisations still do not have good quality information actively driving better outcomes within their operational processes.

By Melissa Team

If you haven’t been keeping up, the GDPR hammer is coming down hard and fast on tech giants like Google, who was recently hit with a fine totaling 50 million Euros (about $57,192,500) by France’s data protection regulator CNIL. Anyone familiar with Google’s omnipresence in the digital arena and $111 billion in earnings will immediately notice that the fine, while large, is a softball in comparison with the data protection’s capacity to impose mind boggling fines – up to 4% of global annual revenue.

By Jim Tincher

My wife and I took a long-overdue vacation to Mexico, and stayed at an ocean-side resort over the holidays. At check-in, the desk attendant told us they would upgrade us to an ocean-side room for free. Great! We were looking forward to having a nice view. Five minutes later, he came back saying, “I’m sorry. It turns out the room is already occupied.”

By Melissa Team

Rural America. Farm country. Quiet living. Some phrases that come to mind when thinking about a small town like Potwin, Kansas. With a population of 468, how is it possible that Potwin is also home to more than 600 million IP addresses? Some of which are connected to scammers, spammers and fraudsters! Using IP geolocation to map a person or a device’s location has varying degrees of accuracy.