Build in comprehensive postal address, name, email, and phone cleansing quickly and easily to e-Commerce or retail sites to prevent fraud, lost shipments and returned mail. Return comprehensive location, property, and business information to power BI and analytics. Unleash your creativity by combining the output of several APIs with your own data, to generate custom mashups, maps, shapes, and firmographics that empower new products.

Single Record & Batch Processing

Melissa Web APIs support single record lookups, ideal for web forms and call center applications, as well as batch processing for database cleanup.

Affordable Development & Scalable Pricing

Purchase and spend Melissa Credits to get started immediately, and progress to Melissa tiered transactions as your business scales by calling a helpful Melissa representative.

Flexible Web APIs

Modern interfaces available; REST, JSON, and XML for easy integration into your applications.

Location Based Services

Global Address Web API

Verifies and standardizes U.S. and international addresses in over 200 countries and 46 territories with Postal Authority certified coding and premise level Geocoding.

As low as $0.045 per Record!

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Global IP Web API

Return a geolocation of an input IP address with latitude and longitude, proxy info, city, region and country.

As low as $0.006 per Record!

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Property Web API (US/CAN)

Return comprehensive property and mortgage info for over 140 million U.S. properties based on supplied Assessor Parcel Number or input address.

As low as $0.027 per Record!

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Business & Identification Services

Personator Web API (USA/CAN)

USPS CASS/DPV certified address checking, name parsing and genderizing, phone and email verification are easily performed with API.

As low as $0.018 per Record!

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Global Email Web API

Verify email mailboxes, syntax, and domains in real-time to confirm they are deliverable. Takes an input email address and returns a status of deliverability to the box level, as well as returns domain information.

As low as $0.006 per Record!

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Global Business Web API

Return detailed firmographic data on 25+ million U.S. companies including contact title, address, phone and email by supplying an input Business name, Stock Ticker or Business Address

As low as $0.045 per Record!

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Global Name Web API

Verify, standardize and parse person and business names while identifying suspicious or vulgar names by sending in a full name. Now input a country name for culture-appropriate parsing!

As low as $0.003 per Record!

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New Feature

Global Phone Web API

Verify phone as active, output Caller ID info, as well identifies line type, and returns geographic details, dominant language and carrier for over 200 countries. Now includes Caller ID information!

As low as $0.03 per Record!

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On-Premise APIs

Melissa’s suite of on-premise APIs is the perfect choice for those who need data verification, parsing and enrichment but require stricter security and greater speeds. Our multi-platform APIs work with Windows®, Linux®, Mac, AIX and can be used with any programming language such as C#, Java, Python, C/C++.

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