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Better Marketing Starts with Better Data White Paper

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to gain accurate contact data for their customers. Improve Data Quality for More Accurate Analysis with Alteryx and Melissa

Data Quality for Part Numbers White Paper

Learn how data profiling techniques can help you discover patterns and issues with your data so you can better organize part numbers and improve the data quality of your business.

The Importance of Data Profiling White Paper

Data inconsistencies and problems need to be resolved before information can be effectively used in analytics, business intelligence efforts, and master data management.

Golden Records are Key to Solid Data Quality

Noted SQL Server MVP and founder/editor of Stephen Wynkoop shares his take on the challenge to achieve quality data, and the importance of the “Golden Record”

Connecting all Points for Correct, Current, & Complete Data

Melissa’s new Personator solutiongoes beyond mere contact data validation to bring your data to this highest level of accuracy – a term called “data quality uplift.”

The 7 Cs of Data Quality Your Data Quality Scorecard

Organizations with healthy contact data save money on shipping and direct mail costs; they formulate effective business strategies and their customers experience high levels of satisfaction.

Global Address Data Integration in SSIS

Data quality is a critical step in this process – especially in terms of removing duplicate records, saving in postal, shipping and production costs, and performing effective business intelligence.

International Delivery for Global E-Commerce

This white paper outlines the challenges of international data quality in terms of global shipping – and how address-based deliveries could evolve in the emerging markets.

The Data Detox From Dirty Data to Healthy Companies

Did you know that 91% of businesses suffer from impurities like data entry errors and good data that’s gone stale? Download this e-book detailing a 4-step plan to get rid of toxic data

Email Append 101: A Quick, Easy Guide to Grow Your List

Email marketing is a critical component of every marketing strategy. It’s direct, trackable, and can yield a much higher response rate than traditional mail or telemarketing initiatives.

eBook: Data Quality 101 - The Ultimate Guide for Data Stewards

The Ultimate Guide for Data Stewards, written by leading industry analyst Elliot King, offers insight into the complex role of a data steward.

Data Quality Tools & Techniques to Improve Business Value

This eBook that explores the challenge of determining when data values are or are not valid and correct, how data values can be made correct,

The Perfect Low-Cost Way to Reach More Customers

If you own a local business and are looking for an inexpensive way to increase sales, or plan to expand your business to a new market – you might want to consider doing a saturation mailing.

10 Key Elements in Email Campaign Strategy & Design

Email marketing is a powerful tool. It is direct, so you don’t need to worry about people happening to come upon your ad, and it’s affordable, without printing and postage costs.

Location Intelligence to Make Better Business Decisions

Location intelligence solutions can help businesses answer fundamental questions: What is the geographic area we serve?