Contact Zone®

Contact Zone is a unique customer data management (CDM) platform that leverages the power of Melissa Data Quality Data Integration, empowering you to collect data from any source, cleanse, enrich and transform it, and immediately deliver customer insight and significant business value.

  • Make better decisions with clean, reliable data
  • Run data quality in Hadoop and the cloud as batch or real-time processes
  • Easily onboard, apply standards, enforce rules,cleanse and enrich your Big Data and enforce standards
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Customer Data Management Platform - Robust ETL & Customer Data Integration - United Kingdom

Robust ETL & Customer Data Integration

Contact Zone reads from and writes to relational databases (SQL Server®, Oracle®, Netezza®, DB2®, etc.), fixed or delimited text files, XML, JSON, COBOL, and other file formats such as Avro® and Parquet®, or Hadoop®-based NoSQL stores such as HBase® and Hive®. Go beyond standard ETL tools to Contact Zone’s scalable and flexible management of end-to-end data flows with:

  • Dynamic and reusable data integration templates to save time and create transformations on the fly
  • Robust administration features like performance monitoring, job roll-back and restart, and operations made for usage auditing
  • Enterprise-grade security including access and version controls as well as LDAP and Active Directory® integration

Contact Zone Data Quality and Enhancement Transforms

Contact Zone leverages the full spectrum of Melissa’s Data Quality and Enhancement solutions with the following transforms:

Customer Data Platform - ProfilerUnited Kingdom


Profiler provides intelligent data profiling to identify weak points in your data collection process, enforce business rules on incoming records and monitor improvements over time.

Customer Data Platform - Contact Verify

Contact Verify

Contact Verify can validate, correct and standardise domestic and international postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Customer Data Platform - Global Verify - United Kingdom

Global Verify

Global Verify can validate, correct and standardise postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for 240+ countries.

Customer Data Platform - Personator


Personator verifies identity, validates postal address, email address, and phone number, plus updates the current address for a contact and enriches records with missing email, phone, address data, and demographic info.

Customer Data Platform - Personator World - United Kingdom

Personator World

Personator World verifies an individual’s national ID, provides age verification and watchlist/sanctions screening for fraud prevention and KYC/AML compliance.

Customer Data Platform - MatchUp - United Kingdom


MatchUp provides advanced deduping/matching capabilities and survivorship rules to eliminate duplicates and create a single customer view.

Customer Data Platform - Fuzzy Matching - United Kingdom

Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching provides sophisticated fuzzy matching capabilities utilizing more than 12 fuzzy matching and proprietary algorithms to identify hard-to-spot similar records.

Customer Data Platform - IP Locator - United Kingdom

IP Locator

IP Locator geolocates a given IP address and returns latitude/longitude, city, state, postal code, county and ISP information.

Customer Data Platform - Business Coder - United Kingdom

Business Coder

Business Coder provides detailed firmographic data on over 6 million UK businesses – ideal for standardising business entities, consolidating records and lead scoring.

Customer Data Platform - Cleanser - United Kingdom


Cleanser utilises a variety of programmatic and regular expressions to quickly correct data inconsistencies.

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