Contact Zone®

Contact Zone is a unique customer data management (CDM) platform that leverages the power of Melissa Data Quality within Pentaho® Data Integration (PDI), empowering you to collect data from any source, cleanse, enrich and transform it, and immediately deliver customer insight and significant business value.

  • Make better decisions with clean, reliable data
  • Run data quality in Hadoop and the cloud as batch or real-time processes
  • Easily onboard, apply standards, enforce rules, and cleanse and enrich your Big Data, and enforce standards
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Customer Data Management Platform - Robust ETL & Customer Data Integration - United Kingdom

Robust ETL & Customer Data Integration

Contact Zone reads from and writes to relational databases (SQL Server®, Oracle®, Netezza®, DB2®, etc.), fixed or delimited text files, XML, JSON, COBOL, and other file formats such as Avro® and Parquet®, or Hadoop®-based NoSQL stores such as HBase® and Hive®. Go beyond standard ETL tools to Contact Zone’s scalable and flexible management of end-to-end data flows with:

  • Dynamic and reusable data integration templates to save time and create transformations on the fly
  • Robust administration features like performance monitoring, job roll-back and restart, and operations made for usage auditing
  • Enterprise-grade security including access and version controls as well as LDAP and Active Directory® integration

Contact Zone Data Quality and Enhancement Transforms

Contact Zone leverages the full spectrum of Melissa’s Data Quality and Enhancement solutions with the following transforms:

Customer Data Platform - ProfilerUnited Kingdom


Profiler provides intelligent data profiling to identify weak points in your data collection process, enforce business rules on incoming records and monitor improvements over time.

Customer Data Platform - Contact Verify

Contact Verify

Contact Verify can validate, correct and standardisedomestic and international postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Customer Data Platform - Global Verify - United Kingdom

Global Verify

Global Verify can validate, correct and standardise postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for 240+ countries.

Customer Data Platform - Personator


Personator verifies identity, validates postal address, email address, and phone number, plus updates the current address for a contact and enriches records with missing email, phone, address data, and demographic info.

Customer Data Platform - Personator World - United Kingdom

Personator World

Personator World verifies an individual’s national ID, provides age verification, and watchlist/sanctions screening for fraud prevention and KYC/AML compliance.

Customer Data Platform - MatchUp - United Kingdom


MatchUp provides advanced deduping/matching capabilities and survivorship rules to eliminate duplicates and create a single customer view.

Customer Data Platform - Fuzzy Matching - United Kingdom

Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching provides sophisticated fuzzy matching capabilities utilizing more than 12 fuzzy matching and proprietary algorithms to identify hard-to-spot similar records.

Customer Data Platform - IP Locator - United Kingdom

IP Locator

IP Locator geolocates a given IP address and returns latitude/longitude, city, state, postal code, county, and ISP information.

Customer Data Platform - Business Coder - United Kingdom

Business Coder

Business Coder provides detailed firmographic data on over 25 million U.S. businesses – ideal for standardising business entities, consolidating records and lead scoring.

Customer Data Platform - Cleanser - United Kingdom


Cleanser utilises a variety of programmatic and regular expressions to quickly correct data inconsistencies.

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