Add detailed demographic data to your customer and marketing lists for deeper insight

Our demographic data solutions bring together consented data sources alongside public domain insight to deliver complaint data of over 25 million individuals in the UK at 15 million households. When you append your database with this wealth of consumer data, which includes over 350 lifestyle and transactional selections, you will be able to define unique attributes of your best customers, predict likely buying behaviour, identify prospects most like your best customers and support customer acquisition & strategy efforts.

  • Generate customer profiles and segmentation
  • Add key insights to your target market across a range of variables
  • Run highly targeted and accurate campaigns
  • Enhance your audience and market research
  • Highest levels of quality, detail, and compliance

What is Demographic Data?

Demographic data refers to statistical information about a population or a specific group of people. It provides insights into various characteristics of individuals within a given area, such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, education level, marital status, income, occupation, and more. Demographic data is widely used in various fields, including sociology, economics, marketing, public health, and government planning, to understand and analyse the composition and trends of populations.

By studying demographic data, researchers and analysts can identify patterns, make predictions, and formulate policies or strategies tailored to specific populations. For example, governments might use demographic data to allocate resources, plan for infrastructure development, or design social programs. Businesses may use demographic data to target their products and services to specific consumer groups. Overall, demographic data plays a crucial role in decision-making processes across a wide range of disciplines.

How Melissa Performs Demographic Data Enrichment

Here’s How We Do It

Send us your file and our service bureau will add data elements from over 35 million individuals, and over 18 million households in the UK to your

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Why Do Businesses Need Demographic Data?

Businesses need demographic data for a variety of reasons, all of which contribute to their success and effective operations. This includes Target Marketing, Product Development, Market Research, Resource Allocation, Customer Personalisation, Sales and Growth Strategies, Competitive Analysis, Risk Assessment, Human Resources Management, Decision Making, Supply Chain Management and Regulatory Compliance.

Demographic data enables businesses to understand their customers, markets, and operational environments more deeply. It guides strategic planning, improves customer engagement, supports innovation, and enhances overall business performance.

Available Demographic Data

Demographics Data Elements - United Kingdom

Types of Demographic Data Enrichments

Over 200 variables covering a whole range of life stage triggers

Single Address Lookup - Check a single or handful of U.S. or international addresses.


Household composition, income, age, life stage triggers (i.e., starting school)

 Travel - Process an entire address list for accuracy & completeness.


Travel preferences, types of holidays, business travel

Car make - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Car make & model, date of purchase, Insurance type & renewal

Address Verification APIs - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Interest categories including fashion, sports, entertainment

Single Address Lookup - Check a single or handful of U.S. or international addresses.


House type, value, length of residency

 Travel - Process an entire address list for accuracy & completeness.


Provider, contract type, renewal dates

Car make - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Purchase categories including clothing, food, music, beauty

Address Verification APIs - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Wealth indicators, investments, profession, affiliations

Common Questions About Demographic Data

In essence, demographic data provides a comprehensive snapshot of a population's characteristics, allowing various stakeholders to make well-informed decisions and design strategies that cater to the specific needs and dynamics of different groups within a society.

Demographic data plays a crucial role in shaping effective marketing and communications strategies. By understanding the characteristics and preferences of different population segments, businesses and organisations can tailor their messaging and outreach efforts to resonate with their target audiences. Here's how demographic data helps in marketing and communications: audience segmentation, target advertising, message customisation, product development, brand positioning, localisation, media selection, consumer insights, measurements and evaluation and crisis communication.

Demographic data empowers marketers and communicators to create more relevant and resonant messages, reach the right audience through the most effective channels, and ultimately drive better results for their campaigns and initiatives. It forms the foundation for data-driven marketing strategies that maximise engagement and conversion rates.

Demographic data enrichment involves enhancing your existing demographic data with additional information to create more comprehensive and insightful profiles of your target audience. Here are some types of demographic data enrichments: geographic data, household data, income and financial data, education data, occupation and employment data, age and generation data, ethnicity and cultural data, health and wellness data, social media and online behaviour data, purchase and consumer behaviour data, homeownership and property data, lifestyle and interest data, travel and interest data, charitable giving data, environmental and sustainability data, technology adoption data and political affiliation data.

Using demographic data enrichment to gather intelligence offers several benefits that can enhance your business strategies and decision-making processes. This includes enhanced customer onboarding, precise targeting, tailored messaging, improved product development, geographic expansion, competitive analysis, predictive analysis, segmentation refinement, risk assessment, personalised customer experiences and resource optimisation.

Incorporating demographic data enrichment into your business intelligence strategy empowers you to make informed decisions, minimise guesswork, and tailor your strategies to the specific needs and preferences of your target audience. It enhances your ability to connect with customers on a deeper level and drive meaningful business outcomes.

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