Prevent Minors from Accessing Age Restricted Content, Goods and Services

Industries that deal in age-restricted products and services like wine and spirits, online gaming, and tobacco/vaping to name a few have complex and constantly changing regulations for both sales and marketing. Because the burden to prove due diligence falls on retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of age-restricted products, having an accurate age verification software integrated into your e-commerce, CRM, or application process is more important than ever. Our real-time service is the ideal Age and Identity Verification solution by:

  • Instantly verifying age worldwide
  • Requiring only name and address to verify
  • Preventing minors from accessing age-restricted content, goods , and services
  • All administered through a single, streamlined service that can be easily integrated
PEP & Watchlist Screening - How PEP & Sanction Screening Works - United Kingdom

Prevent fake identities with KYC Checks (Know Your Customer)

Aside from safeguarding minors from restricted content, goods, and services, tackle fraudulent activity head on by preventing the use of fake identities being used and risky individuals entering your systems to ensure you really ‘Know Your Customer’.

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