Enrich your Database with Firmographic Data

Melissa’s B2B enrichment solution will provide a comprehensive insight into firmographic data. Ranging from corporate to sole traders in the UK, Our B2B data is based on the latest Companies House file and has access to over 3.7 million tele-researched business site records and more than 8.2 million decision maker contacts by job function with contact details and financials data appended.

With over 100 B2B data selection options, Melissa’s firmographic data service can help you resolve business entities for standardisation and record consolidation, plus it provides a wealth of fundamental characteristics about a business that can be utilised for decision making, lead scoring and optimised B2B marketing and sales efforts.

  • Add valuable business characteristics including SIC codes, sales volume, number of employees and more for improved analytics and segmentation
  • Standardise business names and acronyms (e.g., TWC – Time Warner Cable) to prevent duplicate accounts
  • Update contact information to improve customer retention and prevent lost opportunities
  • Navigate, detect and communicate with prospects with similar buying profiles
  • Highest level of compliance
Firmographic Data - United Kingdom

What is Firmographic Data?

Firmographic data refers to a set of characteristics and attributes that describe a business or organisation. Similar to demographic data for individuals, firmographic data provides insights into the characteristics and attributes of companies or entities. This data is often used by businesses, marketers, researchers, and analysts to segment and target specific types of organisations for various purposes, such as sales, marketing campaigns, market research, and business analysis.

Typical firmographic data points include:

Company Size: This could include metrics like the number of employees, annual revenue, or total assets.

Industry Classification: Categorisation based on the industry or sector the company operates in, often using standardised industry classification codes (e.g., NAICS or SIC codes).

Geographic Location: Information about the company's physical address, headquarters, and operational regions.

Ownership Type: Whether the company is publicly traded, privately held, a subsidiary, or a nonprofit organisation.

Company Structure: Details about the company's organisational structure, subsidiaries, and parent companies.

Years in Business: The length of time the company has been in operation.

Technological Infrastructure: Information about the technology and software systems the company uses.

Financial Performance: Financial data such as profit margins, growth rates, and financial ratios.

Legal Status: The legal form of the business, such as a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.

Customer Base: Information about the company's target audience or customer segments.

Key Personnel: Details about executives, founders, and other key individuals within the company.

Firmographic data is essential for businesses to understand their target market, identify potential customers, tailor marketing strategies, make informed business decisions, and analyse industry trends. It can also be used to compare and benchmark companies within the same industry or sector.

Firmographic Data Available

Firmographics Data Elements - United Kingdom

Why do businesses need Firmographic Data?

Firmographic data provides valuable insights into the characteristics and attributes of other businesses or organisations. Just as demographic data helps businesses understand their consumer audiences, firmographic data serves a similar purpose but for the B2B (business-to-business) context.

Here are some reasons why businesses need firmographic data: Targeted B2B , Market Segmentation, Lead Generation, Account Based Marketing (ABM), Market Analysis and Intelligence, Supplier and Partner Selection, Risk Assessment and Credit Scoring, Sales and Business Development, Market Entry Strategies, Strategic Planning and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Firmographic data helps businesses understand the business landscape, make informed decisions, and tailor their B2B marketing and outreach efforts for maximum impact. It's a valuable tool for strategic planning, market analysis, and effective engagement with other businesses.

Firmographic Data - Firmographic Append - United Kingdom
Firmographic Data - Business standardisation - United Kingdom

Business Standardisation

The way company names are entered into a system can vary widely, making it a prime pain point for deduplication efforts. For instance, a CRM may have the following company names: “Aston Martin Motors Corporation”, “Aston Martin ltd UK”, “Aston Martin Motors UK”, “AM Motors”. Global Business can normalise all these business names to one entity: “Aston Martin Lagonda”. Resolving multiple similar business names to one golden standard provides data standardisation that is key for successful deduplication and record matching efforts, and it helps reduce account duplication as data is entered by sales and marketing teams.

Melissa’s Firmographic Data Append and Enrichments will also resolve misspelled or incomplete business name – simply pass in the address, phone, or stock ticker and our solution will return a standardised business name, contact information and firmographic details.

Firmographic Data Append

In addition to standardising business names, Our B2B enrichments can also return a wealth of business demographics, known as firmographics. By leveraging firmographics, you can gain knowledge of a business’ profile – company size, location, industry, and value. This helps optimise marketing segmentation for more effective lead generation campaigns and assists in lead scoring so that sales teams can prioritise efforts and personalise their approach and enrich datasets for more accurate decision making and analytics.

Melissa’s firmographic enrichment also returns updated information on a business including address, phone, web address and other contact details. This helps prevents lost opportunities due to outdated or incorrect contact information that your sales and marketing teams rely on for customer retention and outreach efforts.

Firmographic Data - Firmographic Append - United Kingdom
Firmographic Data - Business standardisation - United Kingdom

Firmographic Data Compliance

You can be confident that any data you acquire from us is the most compliant available in the UK today being strictly compliant with the ICO code, the DMA code of practice, the EU Electronic Communications Act and impending the GDPR code of regulation.

We uphold our quality guarantees ensuring our data is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by our in house experts to ensure that your data requirement is met. However, no matter how difficult, different, or complex they are, Melissa is here to help you get the data you need.

Enrich your Firmographic Data with Demographic Data

Single Address Lookup - Check a single or handful of U.S. or international addresses.


Household composition, income, age, life stage triggers (ie starting school)

 Travel - Process an entire address list for accuracy & completeness.


Travel preferences, types of holidays, business travel

Car make - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Car make & model, date of purchase, Insurance type & renewal

Address Verification APIs - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Interest categories including fashion, sports, entertainment

Single Address Lookup - Check a single or handful of U.S. or international addresses.


House type, value, length of residency

 Travel - Process an entire address list for accuracy & completeness.


Provider, contract type, renewal dates

Car make - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Purchase categories including clothing, food, music, beauty

Address Verification APIs - Build address validation right into your own applications.


Wealth indicators, investments, profession, affiliations

In addition, because we also have a huge consumer data file, we are able to provide up to 300 data points about individuals (B2P) enabling you to market to the individual people – not just to the business. See Demographic Data

Common Questions About Firmographic Data

Firmographic data is important for several reasons; particularly for businesses, marketers, researchers, and analysts who are looking to understand and engage with other businesses or organisations. Here are some key reasons why firmographic data is important: Target marketing and sales, market segmentation, strategic decision-making, risk assessment, partnership and collaboration opportunities, market research, resource allocation, product development, regulatory compliance, personalisation and customer experience, investor relations, benchmarking, and performance analytics.

Overall, firmographic data serves as a valuable tool for understanding the business landscape, making informed decisions, and tailoring strategies to achieve business goals effectively.

To verify an address, you can follow these guidelines:

Using firmographic data to gather sales intelligence offers several significant benefits that can enhance your sales efforts and contribute to the overall success of your business. Here are some compelling reasons to utilise firmographic data for sales intelligence: Precise targeting, efficient resource allocation, personalised messaging, higher conversion rates, enhanced customer engagement, competitive advantage, strategic insights, improved sales forecasting, data driven decisions, and long-term customer value.

Incorporating firmographic data into your sales intelligence efforts empowers you to refine your targeting, enhance your messaging, and build stronger relationships with prospects. By aligning your sales strategies with the unique attributes of each prospect's business, you increase your chances of success and contribute to the growth of your organisation.

Improving the accuracy of your current firmographic data is crucial for effective sales, marketing, and business decision-making. Here are several steps you can take to enhance the accuracy of your firmographic data.

  • Regular Data Cleansing and Validation
  • Source Verification
  • Standardisation
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Data Enrichment Services
  • Feedback Loop
  • Regular Updates
  • Data Validation Checks
  • Segmentation and Profiling
  • Data Governance Policies
  • Regular Audits
  • Training and Awareness
  • Data Integration
  • Customer Engagement
  • Data Quality Metrics

Improving the accuracy of your firmographic data is an ongoing process that requires vigilance, consistent efforts, and a commitment to maintaining high data quality standards. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your firmographic data remains reliable and valuable for your sales and marketing initiatives.

Some firmographic data examples are: Industry, company size, geographic location, ownership type, organisation structure, years in business, technology infrastructure, legal status, customer base, partnerships and alliances, key personnel, company financials, company history and milestones, product or service offerings, market presence, company culture and values, expansion and growth plans, trade associations and memberships, regulatory and compliance information and mergers and acquisitions.

These firmographic data attributes collectively provide a comprehensive overview of a company's identity, operations, and positioning within its industry. Businesses can use this information to target and engage with the right clients, tailor their marketing strategies, and make informed business decisions.

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