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Melissa offer a numbers of ways to access data verification and enrichment services based on your business needs.

Melissa Credits

The real-time APIs in our Developer Portal, and many products including Melissa Lookups, Clean Suite for Salesforce, Listware, and Mailers Online consume credits. You can easily activate your free 1000 credits below, and order more as you need.

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Enterprise Customers

For customers with higher volume transactions, or require full deployments, stability, and guaranteed uptime, our Business Plans offer the security of predictable usage and a considerable discount compared to on-demand pricing.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Business Consultation
  • Service Level Agreement

Call +44 (0)20 7718 0070 or request more information here.

Melissa reserves the right to change either the required number of credits for a particular service or individual credit cost at its discretion and without notice. Melissa shall prioritize maintaining consistency and fairness with respect to such changes, however, market conditions or other external factors may require Melissa to make adjustments as necessary.

Credit Expiration Notice:
Lookups credits are subject to expiration one (1) calendar year after purchase, if the purchasing account is inactive during that time frame. Any transaction by the purchasing account during the one (1) calendar year time frame, such as processing any Lookups transactions or purchase of additional Lookups credits, shall preclude expiration due to inactivity. Lookups credits expiration shall be processed on a rolling basis based on the date of purchase.
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