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We are Melissa.

Here’s Why You Need Us

Data is one of the most valuable assets you have—accurate, high quality customer data empowers your business to meet all of your customers’ important needs. With good data, you can do business with anyone, anywhere in the world and deliver exactly the experience necessary not only to help drive sales, but to improve loyalty, trade, business intelligence, technology, logistics, and more. But the truth is, all data goes bad (up to 25% per year), whether due to data entry errors or the simple fact that consumers change jobs, move, update email addresses, marry, etc. At Melissa, we help companies harness the value of their Big Data, legacy data, and people data (names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails) to drive insight, maintain data quality, and support global intelligence.

However, while authoritative data sources power Melissa’s products and services, we also continue to develop new solutions that deliver beyond just data quality. Our mission is to empower data-driven organizations with accurate, affordable solutions to an ever-growing, international network of customers. Since 1985, over 10,000 companies across the world have counted on us to transform their businesses with trusted, reliable, accurate information that can be used throughout the enterprise.

Melissa Global Intelligence provides powerful data quality tools & services that:

Profile- to better understand challenges & create a plan for action
Verify- to validate global address, name, phone & email for 240+ countries
Match- to merge duplicate records for a single view of your customer
Enrich- to add geographic, demographic, firmographic & property data

From measuring and monitoring to cleaning and enriching, targeted mailing lists to personalized data consulting, Melissa provides the solutions you need to power your global organization.

How Can We Help You?

Professional Associations

Melissa works with the best, so we can share our resources with you.

Server Locations & Uptime - 99.99% uptime!

Melissa operates numerous redundant, distributed server farms across the globe to ensure our Web Services are running at optimal capacity. Our cloud-based services support multiple protocols including SOAP, REST, XML, and JSON and feature SSL 256-Bit Encryption.

Geographic DNS Routing

With multiple server locations across the world, Melissa leverages geographic traffic flow management system to automatically route user traffic to the closest server. This means our European clients will hit our European servers, while our U.S. clients will hit one of our East Coast or West Coast servers. This minimizes the pack travel distances and times for our users.

Automatic Monitoring and Failover

We utilize an around-the-clock automated monitoring system to ensure our servers and services are performing correctly. If there are outage situations from either the hardware or the software side, our automated system will detect it right away, and re-direct traffic away from the affected servers. This system allows us to maintain as much uptime as possible.


We have designed and implemented a multi-tiered balancing system. All of our servers in all of our clusters serve as failover backup for every other server and cluster. If individual servers go down, other servers in the same cluster will automatically take over. If a whole region goes down, another region can also take its place. All of our server centers utilize the latest technology and security to ensure smooth performance.

Dynamic Response

Melissa knows that traffic can be unpredictable. To prepare for unanticipated traffic spikes, Melissa maintains multiple physical backup servers, as well as Amazon AWS on-demand instance that can be spun up and serve our users as the need arises.

Uninterrupted Update Process

Most of our services at Melissa involve frequent updates to ensure the freshest data available to our clients. While other companies may schedule downtime, we understand that uptime is of the upmost importance. Our update process is tedious and time-consuming, but keeps our clients running at all times. We will direct all traffic away from a server that is ready for an update and wait for it to be completely drained of traffic. We will then perform the update and test to make sure it’s working correctly before putting the server back into live traffic rotation. Then, we repeat this process for every single one of our servers.

Meet the Team

Ray Melissa
President, Founder

The ‘Melissa’ behind the company name, Raymond Melissa is responsible for corporate growth strategy and supervising business and new product development, sales, and marketing. A computer industry veteran, he co-founded several tech-oriented firms during the 1970s, including Eikon, Inc., and in 1974 helped launch Printronix Inc., a computer printer manufacturer. In 1978, Melissa also co-established Trilog, Inc., one of the first companies to develop a color printer.

Phil Maitino
Chief Technology Officer

From humble programming beginnings in 1992, Phil Maitino shot up to the top of the executive rankings with his extensive knowledge of Melissa’s many data quality-centric products and solutions. Maitino handles all software development, existing product support, and new product creation. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1991.

Chris Rowe
Vice President of Data Services

Chris Rowe oversees the Data Enhancement Services (DES) division at Melissa, assisting in web marketing, contract sales and negotiations, account distribution, hardware and software acquisition, FTP supervision, and new business development. Rowe brings more than 15 years of managerial experience to Melissa.

John Melissa
Vice President of Information Systems

Another part of the ‘Melissa’ name, John Melissa oversees our IT, database, production and shipping functions. He also works with accounting and pursues opportunities for mergers and acquisition. Melissa is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has worked as an auditor and consultant for the State of Nevada and a national CPA firm.

Bud Walker
Vice President of Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Bud Walker manages strategy, expansion, and vision for Melissa as Sales Engineer. After more than a decade as the Product Development Manager for Melissa’s APIs and Web services, he now heads up management in all worldwide markets. As a data quality evangelist, Walker regularly speaks, contributes articles, and authors white papers to reflect his deep domain knowledge.

Greg Brown
Vice President of Marketing

Greg Brown powers Melissa’s brand management, business-to-business, internet, and email marketing strategies. He is a DMA-certified Marketing Professional, and having worked for over 15 years on both the client and agency side, he brings a unique perspective to developing creative, results-oriented marketing programs to acquire and retain customers.

Admound Chou
Vice President of Product Development

From product inception and development to quality assurance and technical support, Admound Chou makes sure Melissa is functioning smoothly and efficiently. Responsible for overseeing our collection of US and global products, he also ensures the correctness and responsiveness of sales engineering.

Rick Brusca
Sales Director for Data Quality Solutions

Rick Brusca is in charge of the day-to-day operations of Melissa’s sales department for data quality solutions and software. This includes our APIs, cloud-based services, and platform integrated solutions. Prior to joining Melissa in 1999, Brusca worked as an outside sale representative for Pacific Bell Wireless (now known as AT&T) and Verizon.

Bette Hagerty
Human Resources Manager

Bette Hagerty oversees all aspects of Human Resources, including employee benefits, payroll, recruitment, training, compliance, policy and procedures, and development of an Affirmative Action Plan for our function as a government contractor. Her past experience encompasses cost accounting in aerospace and industrial safety sectors, office management, and human resources, along with a vast knowledge of business, payroll and accounting software.

Dennis Bedford
Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

Dennis Bedford joined Melissa Data in September 2013 and served as Director of Compliance until his appointment as General Counsel in June 2014. Among the areas he oversees are review of terms of U.S. and global contracts and license agreements, patents and trademarks, privacy and data management regulations, and internal audits. He is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Bedford received his J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, CA and has been admitted to the State Bar of California.

Real Customers, Real Proof

We don’t like to toot our own horn…but Melissa has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Beyond enjoying the praise, we love how dedicated our customers are to giving us feedback and ensuring we are meeting their needs. Our commitment can be seen in our efforts to make all customers successful.

But don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the biggest names in the industry who count on Melissa for their success.

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