Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance & Automate Customer Onboarding

Melissa’s identity verification & know your customer solutions utilise a range of industry leading services including contact data quality, watchlist & sanction screening, and hybrid technology to meet your KYC & AML compliance needs. Easily tailor our solutions to your specific sign up processes and risk management requirements to ensure a smooth customer onboarding experience while remaining confident that your organisation is compliant and safe guarded from fraudulent activity.

  • Verify the identity of customers and detect high risk that support your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) obligations.
  • Customise at which point within your business process you want to validate a customer's identity.
  • Leverage a seamless end-to-end process to establish, maintain and safely track customer data.
  • A range of flexible know your customer services to suit any need.

Melissa Identity Capabilities

Global KYC & AML Profile Check

Provides real-time electronic identity verification (eIDV) using a layered approach of checks to empower clients with accurate intelligence for fast onboarding, fraud prevention and KYC/AML compliance measures.

  • Contact Data Verification
  • Proof of Address
  • National ID Verification
  • 2+2 Checks
  • Age Verification
  • Sanctions/PEP & Deceased Screening
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ID & Document Verification (Mobile KYC)

Melissa’s ID Mobile App onboards customers using a 1-2-3 process by capturing & extracting ID document data and matching against a person’s selfie. This service also includes address matching and real time liveness checks.

  • ID & Document Verification
  • High Accuracy Data Extraction
  • Biometric & Optical Character Recognition
  • Proof of Life
  • Address Verification
  • Efficient Streamlined Process
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PEP & Sanctions Screening

Screen an individual through sanctions, PEPs, international watchlists and adverse media checks. Melissa reference data is refreshed daily in our real-time environments to offer a standout AML check.

  • Real Time AML Checks
  • PEP & Sanctions Screening
  • Adverse Media
  • International Watchlists
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Age Verification

Perform full ID checks by verifying national ID & date of birth to prevent invalid, underage & consumer-not-present applications.

  • Online Age Verification
  • National ID Check
  • Consumer Not Present Check
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Country Coverage Melissa’s Identity Verification solutions makes it easy to verify a person’s contact data, achieve KYC/AML outcomes and comply with regulations, all while keeping the customer experience frictionless. Our capabilities cover most countries, please see our country coverage map for a more detailed view.