Clean Data Reduces Costs – and Headaches

Did you know that 91% of businesses suffer from common data quality issues? The most common are inaccurate data, outdated contacts, incomplete records, and duplicates. Without clean and accurate data, it’s hard to find new customers, better understand existing customers’ needs, and increase the lifetime value of every customer. For 30+ years, Melissa has been helping companies all over the world with solutions to improve the quality of data for a meaningful return on investment.

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Melissa Data Quality Tools

Data Quality - Address Verification - United Kingdom

Address Verification

Verify, correct and standardise over 240 addresses worldwide.

Data Quality - Address Autocomplete - United Kingdom

Address Autocomplete

Look up & autocomplete addresses as they are entered to improve data entry and accuracy.

Data Quality - Email Verification - United Kingdom

Email Verification

Verify an email address in real-time or batch to improve deliverability.

Data Quality - Phone Verification - United Kingdom

Phone Verification

Verify mobile and landline phones around the world to improve tele and SMS marketing.

Data Quality - Name Verification - United Kingdom

Name Verification

Parse and genderise names and identify vulgar or fictitious names at point of entry.

Data Quality - Merge, Purge & Data Deduplication - United Kingdom

Merge, Purge & Deduplication

Identify and eliminate duplicate records that cost money and prevent a single customer view.

Data Quality - Geocoding


Convert addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates for better mapping and analytics.

Common Questions About Data Quality

High data quality can guarantee customer contact information is valid, accurate and up to date, which creates a foundation for businesses to work more effectively with their customers.

Data cleansing, or data cleaning, is an effective process to clean, maintain and enhance your database by identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant parts of a database.

An address verification system is a database with global location reference datasets that parses, transliterates and formats any address to its local country format while verifying that it’s a real, deliverable address.

Address autocomplete is a service that prepopulates verified address information into online forms and checkout processes to prevent typos and user errors, speed up checkouts and ensure valid customer address data is entered.

Data deduplication is a tool used to match and deduplicate customer data. Duplication can occur if there are streams of data coming in from various channels or sources, which can cause pieces of the same information to spread across different fields.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of legal guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the UK and European Union (EU).

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