Customer Data Validation Platform for Governance On-Premise

Create and maintain data quality without programming in Unison – a data steward’s best friend! Unison is one of the best browser-based data cleansing and robust reporting solutions on the market. It offers best-in-class parsing, matching, profiling and cleansing securely on premise at blazing speed.

Unison’s architecture capitalizes on existing computer assets. It disseminates customer data quality jobs across the enterprise, and harnesses the processing power needed to quickly render contact data clean and reliable. Unison scales to accommodate huge datasets and multiple secure users. It comes fully equipped with visual reporting for stewards and stakeholders alike.

Unison features Melissa’s full data quality suite of global address, name, phone, email verification, plus geocoding. Advanced, proprietary fuzzy matching algorithms with golden record/survivorship rules are built-in and controllable through a simple, intuitive interface.

  • Modern browser interface & simple project wizard
  • Flexible collaboration & automation scheduler
  • Scalable grid distribution across limitless nodes
  • Extremely fast batch performance
  • Integrated reporting with visual analytics, detailed logging & audit trails
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Simple Visual Interface

  • Schedule jobs using an easy and intuitive project wizard to automatically run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Intuitive Matching GUI

  • Powerful fuzzy matching and golden record survivorship with simple built-in rules
  • Dedupe several files at once, from varying sources & formats: flat file, CSV, SQL, and Oracle
  • Review and tweak results inside the platform, in real-time

Secure Data Processing

  • Unmatched security with on premise data management
  • Control access to financial, medical or other sensitive personal data
  • Secure local browser access for stewards & users to run data quality regimens

Fast Distributed Performance

  • Distributed computing handles large data sets & millions of records
  • Real multi-threading batch performance across the organization regardless of system or format
  • Scales to move accurate data through enterprise pipelines in record time.

Built-In Visual Reporting

  • Process and monitor jobs with robust visual analytics
  • Robust reporting for stewards & stakeholders
  • Detailed logging of results with audit trails

Unison Capabilities

Customer Data Validation Platform - Address Verification - United Kingdom

Address Verification

Verify, correct, and standardise postal addresses to ensure deliverability.

Name Verification

Recognize and parse 650,000+ ethnically-diverse first and last names into components. Verify, genderize and create salutations for valid individuals, plus flag fake or vulgar names.

Customer Data Validation Platform - Phone Verification - United Kingdom

Phone Verification

Verify UK, Canada, & international numbers. Append useful geographic information associated with the phone number.

Customer Data Validation Platform - Email Verification - United Kingdom

Email Verification

Validate and parse email addresses, correct common typographical errors, and standardise email addresses to improve deliverability and reduce spam.

Customer Data Validation Platform - Geocoding - United Kingdom


Convert a postal address to a precise, rooftop latitude/longitude coordinate for mapping and analytics. Coverage for 95% of all physical addresses in the UK. plus support for many countries around the world.

Customer Data Validation Platform - Fuzzy Matching & Golden Record Survivorship

Fuzzy Matching & Golden Record Survivorship

Compare and match contact elements using advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to identify hard-to-spot similar and duplicate records. Eliminate duplicates and create a single customer view using golden record survivorship rules.

Platform Topology

Unison’s architecture is designed from the ground up to be innovative, scalable, and reliable.

  • Advanced Web Application Interface
  • Job Scheduling
  • Reports and Analytics
  • User Authentication System
  • Activity Logs

Unison was designed from the ground up for effortless scalability, ease of use and updating, and robust data quality and cleansing capabilities.

  • Client/Server architecture
  • Scalable across multiple servers
  • containerisation of backend
  • Works while completely offline
Customer Data Validation Platform - Advanced Architecture - United Kingdom

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