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Introducing the Most Advanced Solution Available to Verify the Identity of Your Clients.

Using biometrics including facial recognition and document scanning as well as basic data checks, Melissa’s ID Verification services ensure you are fully KYC and AML compliant.

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G2 Crowd's Summer 2021 Report Ranks Melissa as a Leader in Both

Address Verification

We're particularly thrilled to be recognised as a leader in doing what we love - providing top-of-the-line address verification to customers just like you!

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Data Quality Software

It's an honor to receive such a prominent position in G2's Data Quality Software Report. It indicates to us that we are meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

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Our commitment to providing the best Data Quality & Address Verification Software is reflected in G2 Crowd’s 2021 Summer Grid Report. We scored:

Thank you to our customers for sharing their valuable feedback and helping us on our mission and belief that data quality should never cost more than it saves!

Momentum SummerLeader 2021 for Data Quality on G2 Best Est ROI 2021 for Data Quality on G2 High Performer Mid-Market Summer 2021 for Data Quality on G2 High Performer Spring 2021 for Data Quality on G2 Summer Leader 2021 for Data Quality on G2 Summer Leader Small-Business 2021 for Data Quality on G2 Summer Easieet to do Business 2021 for Data Quality on G2

High quality data improves your efforts in fraud prevention ,mail & fulfillment, lead generation, research & analytics, customer experience

Keep your customer records clean, current, & complete for better marketing, sales & customer service.

Manage KYC / AML compliance with identity & ID document verification.
Verify addresses, email addresses & phone numbers.
Update postal addresses with moves.
Merge/purge duplicate records for a single customer view.
Add location intelligence, property & demographic details to customer records.

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Mailing lists, list hygiene, and data appending services.

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Get free credits to try many Data Quality RESTful APIs in our sandbox.

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Search Post / postal Codes, find carrier routes, verify address, email, reverse phone, IP location and more!

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