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How Melissa Meets the Demands of Financial Services

For more than 30 years, Melissa has provided contact data verification and cleansing solutions, including identity resolution, to more than 10,000 customers worldwide. We use the most up-to-date, multisource datasets to bring you accurate and reliable information you can use across the enterprise. Our solutions:

Simple, Accurate & Reliable Identity Resolution

Financial institutions must seek to verify the true identities of their customers as part of AMLD and Sanctions Acts to remain compliant with current and future measures. Almost equally important – avoid reputational risk with regulators and the general public.

Identity Verification

Global, real-time identity verification with name to address match, 2+1+0, sanction watchlist screening & age verification.

Document Scanning, Biometrics & Liveness Checks

Scan and verify national ID’s and documents against an individual’s selfie as well as check liveness of a person for anti-fraud, KYC compliance and onboarding processes.

Real-Time Contact Data Standardise

Validate, correct and standardise all contact data elements at point of entry – name, address phone and email. Autocomplete addresses as you type, and add precise lat/long coordinates to your address data.

Location Intelligence

Add lat/long coordinates for 240+ countries, geolocation information for IP address including city, state, country and ISP, and mortgage and property data including parcel information, owner info, appraised value, land value and much more.

Record Matching & Consolidation

Uncover, merge and purge difficult-to-find duplicate records. Melissa’s unique methods for determining the most accurate view of the customer collapses multiple records into one while retaining any additional information that may be accurate and applicable.

Customer Insight & Data Appends

Enrich your customer and business records with 100s of detailed demographic elements including date of birth, deceased info and marital status, and firmographic info including SIC/NAICS codes, employee size and more.

GDPR Risk Audit

With stringent right to erasure, regulation in place, organisations are at-risk for non-compliance and massive fines. Melissa provides audits of all your SCV and MDM hubs to find and fix the fuzzy matching errors that others miss.

The Fintech Show – KYC Bumper Episode

The Fintech show looks at the whole know your customer aspect within the financial industry. Get the low down on how digital platforms and various institutions can really know who you are.

Case Study: MetaBank

Find out how MetaBank successfully dealt with different data formats, incomplete records, duplicates, and inaccurate data with the help of Melissa’s data cleansing solutions.

View MetaBank's Case Study
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Gained 360-degree
view of customers


Identify customer’s
true identity


Improved customer
experience & satisfaction


Eliminated false positives


Save costs by eliminating
duplicate records