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How Melissa Helps Insurance Professionals

Melissa has spent 35+ years in address management, patented fuzzy matching and multi-sourced reference datasets to help insurance professionals better serve and reach more clients by using better data. Easily verify global customer data, build your location intelligence and streamline business practices to continue to grow your network. Work with Melissa to:

Better Data for Better Service

Melissa’s tools for the insurance industry go beyond ease-of-use and emboldens our clients to deliver better services, protect their business and garner more, better-targeted customers.

Real-Time Contact Data Validation

Validate, correct, and standardise all contact data elements including name, address, phone and email. Ensure proof of address, email and phone are live and contactable aswell as verifying and standardising addresses in real time for 240 + countries.


Add Address Autocomplete to autofill and validate UK and international addresses. This works like a search engine offing a drop down list of verified address. Very useful online insurance forms for accurate quotes.

Location Inelligence & Risk Management

Add Geocoding / Lat and long coordinates to spot out property area info, high risk areas and giving clearer insight on evaluating quotes and claims.

Document Scanning, Biometrics & Liveness Checks

Scan and verify national ID’s and documents against an individual’s selfie as well as check liveness of a person for anti-fraud, KYC compliance and onboarding processes.

Enrich Demographic Data

Gain a deep understanding of customers with a wealth of lifestyle information & demographic data like household income, marital status, presence of children & more.

Data Append Services

Add missing contact information like addresses, names, phones & emails to be able to reach your customers on multiple channels.