Manage Your Data Like It’s Precious. Because It Is.

Data is the lifeblood of an organization. But to get value from it, you need to use it well. The first step in data utilisation is unlocking its potential through proper data management. If your data isn’t easily accessible, clean, and well-integrated – is it really useful? Melissa offers a host of solutions for full spectrum data quality to ensure the success of your data integration, data governance, master data management, and CRM efforts.

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ETL Data Management

Data Management - ETL Data Management - SQL Server - United Kingdom

SQL Server (SSIS)

Full spectrum data quality: profile, verify, standardise, enrich, and match data.

Data Management - ETL Data Management - Customer Data Platform - United Kingdom

Customer Data Management Platform

Contact Zone is designed to deliver impressive contact data quality in an easy-to-use interface.

Data Management - ETL Data Management - Pentaho


Bring end-to-end data quality to every type of data integration project.

Data Management - ETL Data Management - Talend


Add advanced data quality to jumpstart your ETL projects.

Data Management - ETL Data Management - Semarchy


Clean, standardize, and verify global contacts in Semarchy xDM master data management platform.

Data Management - ETL Data Management - ETL Transforms - United Kingdom

ETL Transforms

View our entire collection of data quality and enhancement transforms for successful ETL.

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