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How Melissa Helps Mailing & Shipping

Since 1985, Melissa has provided address verification, address correction and mailing solutions to more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Work with us to:

Solutions for Mailing

Direct mail can be a costly initiative, especially when you have duplicate or invalid address data. Melissa’s solutions increase direct mail ROI by reducing UAA and duplicate mail, and help you qualify for the best postal rates and discounts.

Movers / NOCA processing

Update the addresses of those who have moved by matching your records against Royal Mails National Change of Address file, this is also available for US and Canadian Customers via USPS and Canada Post.

Remove Duplicate Records

Uncover, merge and purge difficult-to-find duplicate records to reduce postage and mailing costs associated with duplicate mailings.

Postal Presorting & Automation Software

Verify and standardise addresses, depdupe lists, prepare and pre-sort for Royal Mail compliant mail to qualify for the lowest automation and non-automation pre-sort rates. It’s the affordable, all-in-one solution to optimise postal processing and maximise discounts.

Solutions for Shipping

Any company shipping to customers knows the value of accurate address data and the costs associated with delivering to the wrong address. Melissa’s address quality solutions improve deliverability, reduce address completion fees and keep your customers happy.

Address Autocompletion

Type-ahead address completion verifies, standardizes and corrects domestic and international addresses as you type – with 50% fewer keystrokes.

International Address Verification

Verify, format and standardise addresses to country-specific rules for 240 countries and territories. Append missing components, transliterate to local languages, and add lat/long coordinates.

Personator Consumer

All-in-one web service that verifies, enriches, and appends UK, US and Canadian consumer data – address, email, phone number as well as adding insightful demographic & firmographic data. Easily Integrates into your eCommerce, CRM, and mobile applications for real time ID verification and to prevent bad data from entering your database.