Solutions for the Not-for-Profit Sector

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Reduce Fraud, Drive Donations and Ensure Clean & Accurate Customer Data

Almost every business suffers from data quality issues, and when it comes to charities and nonprofit organisations, this can cause communication problems with current donors. In addition, there are growing challenges with fraudulent activity and remaining compliant around identity verification practices. Melissa is proud to offer a range of tools to help nonprofit businesses, both small and large, maintain clean and accurate customer data while helping them thrive in today’s challenging environments

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Achieve Strategic Objectives

Our easy-to-use solutions make it easy to achieve your strategic objectives, including budgets, improving communications, driving revenue, and staying compliant. Join the growing number of government agencies, public sector organisations and non-profits who choose Melissa as their data quality provider.

Address Verification

Verify, correct, and standardise addresses for over 240+ countries worldwide.

Address Autocomplete

Lookup & autocomplete addresses as they are entered to improve data entry and accuracy.

Email Verification

Verify an email address in real-time or batch to improve deliverability.

Suppression Cleanse

Suppress database against goneaways, deceased and those who have opted out of MPS/TPS communication.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile and landline phones around the world to improve tele and SMS marketing.

Data Deduplication

Identify and eliminate costly duplicate records that prevent a single customer view.

Demographic Enrichment

Add extra demographic insights to your data to identify your best donors and customers.

Identity Verification

Utilise a range of industry-leading KYC & AML solutions to meet your business needs.


Convert address to latitude and longitude coordinates for better mapping analytics.