Melissa’s Solutions for the Legal Sector

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Comply with Regulatory Requirements, Mitigate Risks & Maintain Reliable Data

Law firms and businesses within the legal sector often face various challenges when it comes to data quality, Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives. Addressing these tedious and resource-intensive tasks can hinder everyday practices and outcomes for clients. Melissa is proud to offer a range of data quality and digital identity verification tools so organisations in the legal sector can excel in contact data management. Ensure clean, accurate and complete client data while complying with regulatory requirements, mitigating risks, and streamlining onboarding procedures.

Maintain the Integrity of the Legal Profession

Our easy-to-use solutions come in an API or out-of-the-box service which takes the hassle out of integration and lengthy set up procedures. Join the number of law firms and legal organisations that have chosen Melissa as their data quality and identity verification provider.

Address Verification

Verify, correct and standardise addresses for over 240+ countries worldwide.

PEP & Sanctions Screening

Screen individuals against PEPs, sanctions and other international watchlists.

Adverse Media Screening

Identify & assess potential risks associated with individuals and companies based on appearances in media sources.

ID Document Verification

Scan & verify ID documents against a person’s selfie and liveness detection via biometrics AI technology.

Know Your Business (KYB)

Perform due diligence by verifying business entities before engaging in business relationships.

eIDV Profile Check

Verify identities using a layered approach utilising all of Melissa’s ID tools in a streamlined service.

Email Verification

Verify an email address in real-time or batch to improve deliverability.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile and landline phone numbers around the world to ensure liveness and callability.

Data Cleansing

Cleanse your whole database to ensure all elements are clean, accurate and up to date.