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Perform KYC checks, Enrich Location Data and Ensure Clean & Accurate Customer Data

The real estate sector has seen a massive shift in the way they do business in today’s landscape and gaining a 360 view of parties and individuals this sector does business with plays a vital role in staying ahead of today’s challenging environment. Melissa has spent almost four decades building our data quality and identity verification tools to help businesses within the property and real estate sector achieve more with their customer data while being able to reduce the risk of fraud and confidently perform customer due diligence checks globally

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Achieve Strategic Objectives

Our edtech solutions make it a breeze for universities and colleges wanting to achieve strategic objectives, including compliance measures, lowering budgets, improving communications, and driving revenue. Join the growing number of institutions who choose Melissa as their identity and data quality provider.

Address Verification

Verify, correct, and standardise addresses for over 240+ countries worldwide.

Email Verification

Verify an email address in real-time or batch to improve deliverability.

Phone Verification

Verify mobile and landline phones around the world to improve tele and SMS marketing.

Data Deduplication

Identify and eliminate costly duplicate records that prevent a single customer view.


Convert address to latitude and longitude coordinates for better mapping analytics.

Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV)

Preform proof of address, ID verification, 2+2 checks and more

Mobile KYC

Onboard customers by verifying ID documents via a selfie and preform liveness testing in an easy 1-2-3 process.

PEPs & Sanctions Screening

Screen individuals against PEPs, sanctions and other international watch lists for AML verification.