Smart, Efficient Screening with Comprehensive Sanctions, PEPs, Adverse Media and other International Watchlists.

Compliance often involves multiple departments and business applications, and disparate customer and vendor databases, to avoid violations, costly fines, and penalties, you need to have a comprehensive view of compliance across your enterprise. Melissa Identity Verification provides our real time AML risk database of PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) Sanctions and International watchlists to consolidate screening and too easily integrate with your existing technology infrastructure.

  • Faster customer onboarding with real-time screening
  • Screen Individuals against Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Adverse Media and other International restricted party watchlists.
  • Better remediation by eliminating unnecessary “false positives”
  • Easy compliance with regional and International Sanctions, AML/CTF regulations including the EU’s Fifth Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD), U.K, U.S & other Country Bank Secrecy Acts, Patriot Acts and other international legislation.
PEP & Watchlist Screening - How PEP & Sanction Screening Works - United Kingdom

How PEP & Sanction Screening Works

1. Choose which types of risks you want to screen for

Choose for our proprietary AML data feed which includes comprehensive sanctions, adverse media and other international watchlists. See our full list below.

2. Run your Search

You can easily tailor our AML screening tool to your risk based approach and will leverage intelligent fuzzy matching to handle transliteration, synonyms, aliases, misspellings, and advanced name matching to reduce false positives.

3. Review matches and mange cases

Seamlessly sync our AML screening tool with your internal systems too review potential matches quickly and easily.

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