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Empowering the Data-Driven Organization

Melissa's solutions for international address and data quality, data enrichments and golden records meet the need for a single, accurate view of the customer for increased sales, better customer retention, and reduced costs.

Because Data Goes Bad Fast. And Bad Data is Bad for Business.

Every year up to 25% of your contacts go stale as people move, get new jobs, marry, and divorce. Melissa helps you maintain clean and reliable data assets by profiling, standardizing, verifying, matching, and enriching global People Data - name, address, email, phone, and more.

of marketing data
goes stale over a year.

move annually

of subscribers change
email addresses every year

phone numbers
are recycled each year

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Full Spectrum Solutions and Services

Melissa has address and data quality solutions for every application and budget - from APIs and big data integration software for developers and data stewards, to easy-to-use CRM and e-Commerce plugins and Service Bureau processing ideal for business users.

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Customer Case Studies

Increased ROI by 140% using Melissa and Pentaho tools to clean, migrate and consolidate data.

Increased fundraising 10x by cleaning their database to better understand giving habits and maintain donor relations.

Implemented Personator to verify customer identify resulting in reduced returns and fraudulent orders for significant savings.

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Sept 26 at 2pm EST

Clean Data Powers MDM Success with
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