Stop Bad Data from Entering Your Systems and Ensure Records and Up-to-Date and Complete

Personator Americas is the all-in-one Web service that you can easily integrate into your e-commerce, CRM, and mobile applications to capture verified U.S. and Canada consumer data – and enrich missing elements (email address, phone number, postal address, business info, and demographics)

  • Identify potential fraud by matching a name to an address to validate identity
  • Prevent bad data from entering your systems with real-time address, email, phone , and name validation
  • Complete your customer and prospect records by adding missing email and postal address, phone number, and name (or business name)
  • Gain insight by enriching records with detailed demographic, psychographic, and geographic data elements

Personator Americas Capabilities

US Identity Verification - Address Verification - United Kingdom

Address Verification

Verify, correct , and standardise U.S., Canada, and international addresses to local postal formats for over 2240+ countries to ensure deliverability.

US Identity Verification - Phone Verification - United Kingdom

Phone Verification

Verify U.S., Canada, and international numbers, append useful geographic information associated with the phone number, and perform premium real-time checks to distinguish live numbers and phone types.

US Identity Verification - Consumer Demographic - United Kingdom

Consumer Demographic

Personator provides detailed demographics on over 250 U.S. individuals and 170 million households including household income, marital status, residence data, credit information, and more.

US Identity Verification - Complete Contact Records - United Kingdom

Complete Contact Records

Fill the gaps in your consumer records by adding missing names, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses.

US Identity Verification - Email Verification - United Kingdom

Email Verification

Validate and parse email addresses, correct common typographical errors, and standardise email addresses to improve deliverability and reduce spam. Features real-time email mailbox verification to remove up to 95% of bad emails at point of entry.

US Identity Verification - Geocoding - United Kingdom


Personator converts U.S., Canadian and international postal addresses to a precise latitude and longitude coordinate for mapping, target marketing, logistics, and other business uses.

Personator Service Tiers

US Identity Verification - Confirm - United Kingdom


Personator’s basic service package includes address, email, phone, and name verification for real-time or batch processing needs.

US Identity Verification - Enrich - United Kingdom


Add the Enrich tier to fill in missing gaps and update your contact records with the addition of:

  • Complete Records: add consumer and business names, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses
  • Change of Address: update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian contacts that have moved over the last 10 years
US Identity Verification - Enrich+ - United Kingdom


This tier is ideal for target marketing and geolocation intelligence with the following capabilities:.

  • Consumer Demographics: Add info like date of birth (DOB), deceased information, gender, marital status, household income, and more.
  • Geocoding: Covert postal addresses to lat/long coordinates and add geographic info like census tract/block numbers, FIPS codes, and more.

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