Record Management & Survivorship Rules for ETL

A central goal of Master Data Management (MDM) is achieving a single source of truth – one record that captures all the pertinent information we need about a customer, resource, product or service – that is 100% accurate. However, working with multiple databases and disparate entry points for data allows for the creation of duplicate records from incomplete entries, changes that occur over time, or other reasons that make achieving a Golden Record a difficult challenge.

Enter MatchUp to the rescue.

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Data Matching - Building the Golden Record - United Kingdom

Building the Golden Record

MatchUp’s Golden Record Selection options for SSIS and Pentaho allow for the intelligent selection of the Golden Record from a group of duplicates to create a single, accurate and complete version of each customer record.

MatchUp can identify the best record of a matched group based on virtually unlimited criteria including:

  • Data Quality Score (most accurate address, name, phone, and/or email address)
  • Last Updated
  • Most Complete
  • Custom Expression

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