Instantly clean, verify and enhance your existing customer data

Up to 20 percent of a company’s contacts contain bad data according to industry experts; resulting in returned mail, address correction fees, bounced emails and wasted sales and marketing efforts. Melissa’s complete database cleanse is the all in one solution to clean, standardise, verify, deduplicate & enhance your existing customer data: global address, email address, phone number and names for effective communications and efficient business operations.

  • Verify, standardise, transliterate & complete addresses for over 240+ countries
  • Use intelligent recognition to identify 650,000+ ethnically-diverse first & last names
  • Authenticate phone numbers, geo-data & ensure mobile numbers are live & callable
  • Validate domain, syntax, spelling, and even test SMTP for global email verification
  • Match, merge & deduplicate existing records
  • Enrich address data by adding geocoding coordinates & appending additional fields
  • Enhance current data sets with demographic, firmographic elements
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Data Cleansing - How Cleanser Works - United Kingdom

How Cleanser Works

Cleanser transform enables users to clean, standardise, and reformat any data type – from changing casing or capitalisation, adding or removing punctuation, expanding or contracting abbreviations, and searching and replacing any parts of a string. The tool applies different cleansing operations to your data integration and warehousing efforts. The transform has five main cleansing operations:

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  • Punctuation
    Add or remove punctuation
  • Abbreviation
    Expand or contract abbreviations, for example: CA to California
  • Search & Replace
    Replace portions of a string
  • Expressions
    Create programmatic expressions to make sense of data values
  • Regex
    Use regular expressions to extract, validate, etc.

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