Change of Address & Movers Service Provides Current Addresses for UK, US, and Canada

Almost 12% of the UK population moves every year, that equals over 18,000 a day. Is your database up to date? If not, you could be wasting money on undeliverable mail and address correction fees. Our movers service provides easy, change-of-address processing for UK, US and Canadian addresses so you can:

  • Reduce mailing costs associated with undeliverable mail
  • Stay in touch with customers, even when they move
  • Meet Royal Mail & USPS Move Update standards making sure your database is up to date & compliant
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We mail 100,000 pieces a month across the U.S. If you don’t want to waste money, you NCOA it. Nick Sprau @ Metafile Information Systems, Inc.

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Royal Mail Movers / Change of Address Processing

Sourced from Royal Mails movers redirection service that keeps track of persons that move premise, the person will then supply a new address when they move house or business ultimately giving permission for their data to be used in the change of address service so that they can continue to receive post

The Change of Address file is updated on a monthly bases growing at around 100,000 records per month and estimates that 50% of people moving to a new house or business premise will have their mail redirected and around 50% of these give permission for their information to be used on the this service.

This will allow you to trace your customers that have moved, keep in touch with them and keep your customer records clean and up to date.

The Change of Address from Royal Mail goes back over 25 years and contains close to 22 million records of customers who have taken out a permanent redirection service within the UK.

NCOALink Processing - UK NCOA Processing

USPS NCOALink Processing

SmartMover provides NCOALink processing to validate each address in your data file, employing USPS CASS Certified address correction. Once addresses are corrected, each customer record is matched against the USPS 48-month NCOALink database containing the most recent 160 million moves. When a match is made, we will update your address file with the most current address information.

Mailing lists that are processed through SmartMover meet the USPS Move-Update requirement for a period of 95 days from the date of processing. This requirement applies to all First-Class Mail® and all Standard Mail®. If you mail on a regular basis, we recommend establishing a processing schedule to ensure that your mailing list is in compliance with the USPS requirement.

Melissa is a NCOALink® Full Service Provider licensee of the USPS. NCOALink®processing requires a processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF). Download a copy of our NCOALink® PAF.

Canada NCOA Processing

Over 1 million Canadian households and businesses move each year. SmartMover will match your address file against the Canada Post NCOA database containing over 10 million records from the last 72 months.

Canadian NCOA processing may be performed in conjunction with Canadian Address Hygiene, but this is not a requirement. However, it is necessary to qualify for Canada Post’s Incentive Lettermail, Addressed Admail and Publication Mail rates. SmartMover utilizes SERP Certified address correction to process and standardise your mailing list and a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) is provided to report the percentage of accurate addresses when mail is deposited with Canada Post.

Melissa is one of only a handful of Canada Post licensees. Canada NCOA processing requires a signed copy of the Canadian NCOA Acknowledgement Form. Download a copy of our Canadian NCOA form.

NCOALink Processing - Canada NCOA Processing
Batch Processing Send us your data files and we’ll return the output data to you. Automated 24/7 processing available too. Upload Your File or Request Quote

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