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Global Express Entry

Add Global Express Entry to power your web forms and CRM with type-ahead address autocompletion, and say goodbye to incorrectly addressed mail, location errors like inaccurate ZIP Code®, and even typos and invalid email addresses. Global Express Entry suggests a complete, verified postal and/or email address as a user types, saving up to 50% in data entry time and simplifying shopping cart checkout. Customers will spend less time filling out forms, and more time buying, while you benefit from increased conversions and better quality contact data for fulfilment.

Welcome to a better way to capture customer contact information.

  • Autocompletes contact addresses and emails to speed up order entry with reduced keystrokes
  • Provides real-time verification to eliminate shipping costs due to incorrect addresses
  • Autofills all address fields (city, state, ZIP Code, etc) and works like an Internet search engine to upgrade the user experience

Available as a Cloud Service or Desktop software

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Try It

Begin typing an address into the search bar, and Global Express Entry will suggest a complete, verified postal address.

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code or Postal Code
  • Locality
  • Administrative Area

The above demo is enabled for US only address completion. Please contact for a global demo.

How it Works

Postcode Lookup Services
As you begin typing the address, Global Express Entry provides options and allows you to select the valid address. The address includes locality, administrative area, and postal code, and can be a single line of text or parsed.

Global Address Autocompletion

Point-of-entry data cleansing, verification, and completion at your fingertips. Express Entry offers predictive search functionality-just start typing an address and watch Express Entry find exactly what you"re looking for!

Free Form Search Entry

Don't be limited by just one field-there are many other ways to find addresses with Express Entry. Free form entry can search for an address any way you want, whether you start with the first line of the street address, city, or ZIP™.

Address Autocomplete
When you enter an address, Express Entry's Free Form function automatically populates the address fields to complete the address.
Postcode Lookup Services

Global Address Standardization

Every country has a different mailing format standard. For example: Canada has a municipality, province, and an alphanumeric postal code, but Japan has a city, prefecture, and a numeric postal code. If you have customers in both countries, you need to ensure all your addresses are formatted consistently to the local format in order for mail to reach your contacts in these countries.

With 131 different global address formats included, standardized address data means you can deliver everywhere easily.

Email Address Autocomplete

Are you getting bouncebacks from invalid emails? Are spammers ruining your databases with email addresses that don't exist? Stop bad contact email data from entering your system by ensuring all addresses are valid at point-of-entry. Express Entry validates email domain names like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more, all in real-time so there"s no lag for you or the customer.

Plus, Express Entry autocompletes as you type to save time. You can speed up the shopping experience by up to 50% and even eliminate the need for users to retype their email to verify it. The likelihood that a customer will abandon their purchase is greatly reduced with email autocomplete in Express Entry.

Address Autocomplete
Postcode Lookup Services
A user types in a U.S. ZIP Code, Global Express Entry Desktop immediately identifies the city.

Address Autocomplete
The solution autocompletes the address – an accurate, verified, and deliverable address.

Express Entry Desktop

Compatible with all Windows-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, web, and custom applications, Express Entry Desktop is a flexible, easily-installable, and customizable solution.

Express Entry Desktop identifies the city and state based on ZIP Code entry and then utilizes type-ahead functionality to assist in populating the full address-all in real-time. These addresses are pre-verified, standardized to local formats, and confirmed as deliverable. Express Entry Desktop also geocodes addresses with latitude and longitude coordinates for more than 40 countries and territories for customer segmentation and mapping.

Your Customer Service Representatives will be more productive and efficient, keying data in half the time! Plus, you"ll eliminate costly data entry errors and prevent invalid addresses from entering your system.

Address Autocomplete
The user can then send the completed address to the background application seamlessly.

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