Stop Bad Data from Entering Your Systems and Ensure Records are Up-to-Date and Complete

Consumer Identity is the all-in-one web service that you can easily integrate into your e-commerce, CRM, and mobile applications to capture verified UK & Global consumer data. Verify and complete elements (name, email address, phone number, postal address, coordinates).

  • Identify potential fraud by matching a name to an address to validate identity
  • Prevent bad data from entering your systems with real-time address, email, phone, and name validation
  • Complete your customer and prospect records by correcting email, postal address, phone number, name, business name and geocoordinates
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The most important contribution Melissa has made is in our knowing who our customers are Alistair Cruickshank @ Z1 Motorsports

Personator Consumer Capabilities

Address Verification Verify, correct, and standardise UK, and international addresses to local postal formats for over 240 countries to ensure deliverability.
Phone Verification Verify UK, and international numbers, append useful geographic information associated with the phone number, and perform premium real-time checks to distinguish live numbers and phone types.
Identity Matching Complete customer records by matching and correcting name, phone, email addresses, and postal addresses
Proof of Address Connect a person’s name with a specific postal address
Email Verification Validate and parse email addresses, correct common typographical errors, and standardise email addresses to improve deliverability and reduce spam. Features real-time email mailbox verification to remove up to 95% of bad emails at point of entry.
Geocoding Personator converts UK, and international postal addresses to a precise latitude and longitude coordinate for mapping, target marketing, logistics, and other business uses.