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Reverse Geocoding Is converting latitude/longitude coordinates to a mapped address.

Before exploring Reverse Geocoding, it may be helpful to review the basic definition of what a geocode is. A Geocode is a set of geographical coordinates corresponding to a location. The process of Geocoding involves converting addresses into latitude/longitude coordinates, which can be used to place markers on a map. Businesses may use geocoding for many different reasons; for example, to generate precise, plotted coordinates for accuracy in delivery routing, or to gain valuable market data to enhance business intelligence. Reverse Geocoding works the same way, but converts latitude/longitude coordinates to a mapped address.

How Does Reverse Geocoding Work?

It's simple - reverse geocoding allows you to get a complete address from latitude and longitude coordinates, plus retrieve detailed information about that location, such as speed limits, route number, closest intersection, administrative area, and postal code. Reverse geocoding can be used to understand location and the geographic context of the assets you are tracking.

Why is Reverse Geocoding Useful?

Reverse Geocoding is frequently used for location-based services in industries like Government and Healthcare, where GPS coordinates can quickly and accurately be converted into readable street addresses. This allows for more effective public safety services, such as those provided by emergency call centers. When dispatchers answer emergency calls, they rely on accurate information and require each call point to translate into an exact physical location. An approximate location does not suffice in these cases and could result in longer response times by emergency service personnel.

Why Melissa?

Melissa’s GeoCoder solution unlocks precise rooftop latitude and longitude coordinates and enriches them with additional location intelligence to help you with market analysis, improve logistics, or detect fraud. GeoCoder offers support for over 240 countries and is available as a Web API or batch service. By starting with Melissa’s Global Address Verification service, you can go a step further by correcting spelling errors and completing addresses with missing or invalid components for more precise results. As the “Address Experts”, Melissa combines decades of experience with leading-edge solutions to help businesses proactively manage their data quality.

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