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Fraud Prevention For Ecommerce Merchants

While ecommerce spending is expected to increase, online fraud will continue to be an issue for e-retailers. Download our free magazine to learn more about Personator, the ultimate ID verification solution, and expert tips on how to prevent fraud.

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Good news for e-retailers � ecommerce spending is expected to increase 50% by 2017. The bad news � online fraud will continue to be an issue. But there are fast and effective ways to determine a shopper is who they say they are to prevent fraud. Enter Personator � the ultimate identity verification and data quality solution. Our free Melissa Data Magazine details how Personator combs through more than 2 billion records to verify the true identity of a customer. Download the magazine now to find out how you can reduce fraudulent transactions.

Highlights include:

  • Details on Personator�s next-generation capabilities
  • Use case stories on how Personator helps businesses
  • New Data Quality Solutions Catalog + tons of free trial offers
  • A cool infographic on how to fight online fraud
  • And more!