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CLEAN_Address for Oracle

CLEAN_Address® is an integrated address verification solution that allows you to easily verify, correct, and standardize U.S., Canadian, and global addresses for over 240 countries and territories. This comprehensive verification and change-of-address component works in real-time or via batch with Oracle database applications, including E-Business Suite, JD Edwards Enterprise One, and PeopleSoft Enterprise.

By integrating address verification into development platforms like the Web, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, C++, Visual Basic, JAVA/JSP, and Oracle Warehouse Builder, you’ll save time, protect your business against fraud, and reduce the cost of returned mail and re-shipping.

CLEAN_Address helps:

  • Verify and standardize global addresses to help keep your contacts up-to-date in local formats in over 240 countries
  • Autocomplete addresses as customers type to save up to 50% of data entry time
  • Enrich your records with global geocoding for precise latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Keep contact addresses updated with National Change-of-Address (NCOALink®) processing

Global Address Verification (GAV) and Autocompletion

Clean_Address verifies addresses for over 240 countries and territories around the world to ensure only valid billing and shipping information enters your systems. GAV returns a complete and standardized USPS® address including ZIP+4® using a USPS CASS™ Certified engine for U.S. addresses, or a Canada Post SERP Certified address for Canadian locations. It also correct international addresses by adding missing postal codes, regions, and more, as well as standardizing addresses to meet local country formatting specifications. With GAV, you can also transliterate many popular native character sets (like Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Greek) into Latin for easy validation and mailing.

GAV’s intuitive type-ahead functionality completes address and email data as customers type to reduce data entry time by 50% and ensure only the perfect address is entered into your system.

Try It

Begin typing an address into the search bar, and it will suggest a complete, verified postal address.

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code or Postal Code
  • Locality
  • Administrative Area

NCOA Change-of-Address Processing

Get more mail delivered – and to the right person – with up-to-date addresses for individuals, families, and businesses that have moved using NCOALink®, Canada NCOA, and international NCOA. Clean_Address helps you stay in touch with the 43 million Americans and 1 million Canadians who move every year by providing fast, easy change-of-address updates. With move-updated records, you can reduce costs associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mail and meet the USPS Move Update requirements for postal discounts, too.

Melissa is a USPS NCOALink Full Service and SERP certified provider with access to a database of 160 million change-of-address records dating back 48 months for U.S. residents and over 10 million in the last 72 months for Canada.

Global Geocoding

Clean_Address provides rooftop latitude/longitude coordinates linked to addresses virtually anywhere in the world, for the most accurate data available. Melissa’s unique address parsing and matching algorithms fix errors and correct addresses for the most precise results. With these coordinates, you can compute distance and direction, plus perform radial searches anywhere your organization markets or sells. Location intelligence of this caliber helps you save on direct marketing costs by deploying highly targeted campaigns with accuracy.

Custom Solutions and Integrations

Clean_Address provides open APIs and utilities for integrating into any custom or third-party application. This real-time integration can be accomplished with SOAP/XML, Web Services, AJAX, PL/SQL stored procedures, Transact-SQL, or other technology options. Clean_Address also supports seamless integrations for several Oracle enterprise systems, like E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It helps extend the base functionality of Oracle systems and comes with a full suite of reports to check the quality of address data while delivering a flexible Service-Oriented Architecture that resides centrally in your data center and supports all the most popular platforms, like Linux®; Solaris™; IBM® AIX®; HP-UX; and Microsoft® Windows®.

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