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Personator World

Cloud-Based Identity Resolution and Verification Engine

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Personator World

Financial institutions looking to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) financing regulations face the challenge of delivering on the customer’s expectation for convenience, speed and simplicity, while also mitigating the risk of fraud.

Personator World enables institutions to know who’s who by combining a sophisticated identity, resolution engine with global reference dataset of billions of active and historical records for a confident Know Your Customer/AML solution.

Personator World offers a significant opportunity to retire costly legacy Compliance and KYC systems, reduce headcount for manual review, and avoid reputational risk with regulators and the general public. It’s a flexible Cloud solution you can tailor to your specific sign-up process and risk management requirements, ensuring an excellent customer experience while guarding against fraud and money laundering.

  • Avoid doing business with risky customers
  • Meet compliance for Know Your Customer(KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP), and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
  • Increase the efficiency of onboarding, approvals, and checkouts

Ways to Access Personator

API Integration 

Identity Verification

National ID Verification

Personator World verifies an applicant or customer Social Security Number (SSN), Driver’s License, or National ID and matches name to address for quick validation.

Age Verification

Quickly confirm an age with Personator World to prevent and deter the activity of under-age consumer-not- present activities.

Watch List / Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Screening

Personator World checks an individual against OFAC and other federal and international databases containing economic and trade sanctions against certain nations, entities/businesses and individuals.

Global ID Verification

Contact Data Validation

Personator World will verify, correct and standardize each element of contact data, including:

  • Address - verifies a given postal address is deliverable, standardize addresses to USPS, Canada Post, and international specifications for 240+ countries, and performs aggressive address correction to fix data entry errors and omissions.

  • Phone – confirms phone number and ownership, line type, and whether the mobile number is active and callable.

  • Email – pings an email mailbox to ensure it exists and can receive email, lookups and updates domains, and corrects typographical errors that prevent successful sending.

  • Name – recognizes 650,000+ ethnically-diverse first and last names to:

    • Parse names into components and standardize
    • Flag fake, suspicious and/or vulgar names
    • Genderize records

Location Intelligence and Customer Insight

Personator World leverages a dataset of millions of consumer and business records to enrich your customer records with:

  • Consumer Demographics – matches records against a comprehensive database of over 200 million U.S. individuals and 150 million households with 100s of detailed demographic elements including data of birth, deceased info, marital status, household income, and many more.

  • Business Firmographics – returns data from over 25 million U.S. business records including company, contact title, contact information (name, address, phone, email), SIC/NAICS codes, employee size, sales estimate and more.

  • Contact Data Append – fills in missing gaps in your contact records by adding consumer and business name, phone number, email address, and postal address.

Combine Personator World with IP Locator to return a wealth of geolocation information associated with an IPv4 address including city, state/region, country, ISP, connection speed, connection type, time zone, and postal code.

Personator ID Verification – Verify, Correct, Standardize, Append

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