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Data Quality Enrichers for Semarchy Convergence and xDM

Cleanse and standardize global address, name, phone and email

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Data Quality Enrichers for Semarchy

Melissa data quality tools integrate with Semarchy Convergence for MDM to deliver unique capabilities to clean, standardize and verify global address, name, phone and email information. This allows Convergence and Melissa users to increase the quality of supplier, location and customer data within a single, de-duplicated 360 degree view. Melissa’s Global Address Verification and Personator plugins plugins can be deployed on premises or in the Cloud, empowering you to:

  • Move beyond tactical data quality efforts to engage in a more complete strategy that combines data quality, data governance and master data management
  • Model any domain and manage data automatically in batch or via collaboration workflows and generated user interfaces
  • Verify and standardize address, name, email and phone numbers
  • Enrich records by geocoding addresses, and adding location intelligence as well as missing contact data including email address, phone and postal address

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Global Address Verification Plugin

Melissa’s Global Address Verification ensures you have the most accurate address information for over 240 countries and territories all over the world. It validates and cleanses international addresses to increase shipping and mailing accuracy, lower costs by reducing returned shipments and wasted postage, and improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. The plugin will:

  • Correct international addresses by adding missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Standardize addresses to local format of the country
  • Transliterate many popular native character sets into Latin
  • Add precise lat/long coordinates to addresses for 40+ countries

Personator Plugin (North America Contact Data Verification)

Melissa’s Personator is a next generation service that keeps all your U.S. and Canadian contacts current, verified and clean. It can be used in real-time or batch to:

  • Parse, validate and standardize address, phone, email and name information
  • Compare any element of a record with other elements (including name-to-address matching) to confirm customer identity
  • Complete a holistic record of your customer by adding missing contact data including email, name, phone and address
  • Enrich records by rooftop geocoding addresses and adding valuable demographic info including date of birth (DOB), deceased info, gender, presence of children, number of adults, marital status, home owner/renter, household income (range), length of residence and occupation.

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