Automated FTP Data Processing Service

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Automated FTP Data Processing Service

If you receive data on a regularly scheduled basis (hourly, daily, weekly, etc), then Melissa’s Automated FTP Data Processing Services is right for you. We’ll set you up on our safe, secure FTP servers for data enhancement and hygiene services that you can access, on-demand 24/7. No more waiting for batch processing!

  • Real-time data cleansing with a turnaround time of just minutes
  • Subscription levels for all business cases (100,000 to 1 billion+ records)
  • Simple set up of data source locations and formats so you can post multiple files in multiple formats at your convenience

Services Available via Automated FTP Processing

NCOA Change of Address Processing – US & Canada

Melissa offers both USPS NCOALink 48-month (and 24-month) and Canada Post 72-month NCOA processing to update your lists with the current addresses of movers – before you mail.

Address Verification / CASS Processing ( ZIP+4 & DPV )

Correct, verify and standardize your addresses using our CASS Certified engine to increase the accuracy and deliverability of mailings and shipments. Our service will correct addresses by adding +4 codes, appending missing suite and apartment numbers, and verify addresses to the delivery point level.


Verify identities in real time, leveraging our database of billions of records to ensure accurate names, addresses, emails and phones are captured in your system for fast onboarding, timely fulfillment and fraud prevention.

Property Append

We’ll enrich your records with detailed property and mortgage information on more than 140 million U.S. properties, including dwelling characteristics, current and previous sales info, mortgage amounts and owner contact information.

Business Coder

Search for business demographics data based on the address and company name, or search for businesses using the phone number, stock ticker, and web address. Discover business SIC codes, sales volumes, employee sizes, phone numbers, and more.

Global Phone Verification

Verify phone numbers are valid and callable for 240+ countries, and get details such as country-of-origin, language spoken, latitude-longitude and line type.

Global Email

Remove up to 95% of bad email addresses to increase deliverability, avoid high bounce rates and blacklisting, and protect your valuable sender reputation.


Convert your addresses into latitude-longitude coordinates for mapping, analytics, targeted marketing and route planning. Our service provides rooftop geopoints – the most accurate level available – for U.S. and international addresses around the globe. Plus, it adds location intelligence like census block and tract numbers, FIPS code, CBSA, and more for the U.S.

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Automated FTP Data Processing Service


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