Easy Dedupe Software to Clean Up Your Database Quickly


MatchUp is the all-in-one tool to cleanse your database by removing duplicate contact records with a simple, easy-to-use interface. Dedupe your files in different formats and with different name, address, and city/state/ZIP structures. Use the MatchCode Editor to find duplicates fast with sixteen pre-built filters, or create your own.

  • Remove duplicate records to reduce costs and get a clearer picture of your contacts
  • Identify multiple records at the same address – also called householding
  • Merge files with different field structures easily
  • Prebuilt filters or easily create your own
  • CASS option – dedupe and CASS process your file in one pass

CASS Processing – Optional

MatchUp’s CASS option provides the ability to eliminate duplicate records plus correcting and verifying addresses – all in one pass. This time saving dynamic duo is ideal for mailing and shipping applications ensuring your records are clean and the addresses are deliverable.

Identify Multiple Records at the Same Address

MatchUp can identify multiple records at the same residence, business or organization. This allows you to decide whether you want to mail pieces to all individuals at that address, or send just one piece – eliminating the aggravation and costs associated with unnecessary multiple mailings.

MatchUp solves the problem so many businesses have – duplicate leads, contacts and accounts. MatchUp makes your marketing, sales and reporting initiatives so much easier by cutting down on the clutter that tends to build up in your database.

MatchUp is also available as an enterprise on-prem and Web API.

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